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Introducing Soleil by Tea Forté & The New York Botanical Garden

Wedding Tea Traditions and Inspiration Introducing the Fleur Collection
Introducing Soleil by Tea Forté & The New York Botanical Garden
Discovering New Blends

Introducing Soleil by Tea Forté & The New York Botanical Garden


Much like the perfect tea blend, when you discover a partnership made to last, you keep coming back for more. Tea Forté first collaborated with the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) in 2019 on the Jardin Collection, followed by The Fleur Collection in 2020, and we're pleased to announce the arrival of our third project together: The Soleil Collection, a sublime quintet of bright, sunny tea blends showcasing the natural aromatics and sumptuous flavors of spring's bounty. As ever, a portion of sales of each collection supports the NYBG’s horticulture, conservation, education and research.


Inspired by the Garden's natural wonders, The Soleil Collection’s blends were curated by our Sommelier and Director of Global Quality, Piotr Miga, who had this to say about their origin story:

"Soleil is a French word for 'sun,' and for this collaboration with the NYBG, we were inspired by the concepts of sunshine, spring, and the bounty of flowers that bloom this time of year." Those points of inspiration, Miga says, are threaded throughout the collection's engagement of the senses, from the bright visuals in its packaging to the sunny springtime fragrances and flavor profiles of each blend, meant to invoke feelings of hope and restoration. " — Sommelier and Director of Global Quality, Piotr Miga


The Soleil Collection includes five organic tea blends, each packaged in custom botanical artwork composed of pieces from the NYBG Archives. Three are beloved legacy blends featuring ingredients reminiscent of the Garden’s living collections, while the fourth and fifth are new: a lush, fruity/floral green tea blend and a delicate, gourmand white tea blend, both created specifically to commemorate this year’s partnership. Vanilla Rose marries classic spring florals and familiar culinary notes with fragrant white tea leaves, while Wildflower Honey Citrus balances honey's natural sweetness with refreshing citrus and delicate wildflowers on a foundation of green tea leaves. Every ingredient in the collection is a celebration of the season's sun-drenched harvest. The Soleil Collection's assortment of USDA Organic and Kosher Certified teas include:

Teas In This Collection


The New York Botanical Garden in summer

The New York Botanical Garden is a living museum, an educational institution, and a plant research and conservation organization in New York City.

Founded in 1891, the NYBG is the most comprehensive botanical garden in the world, and Tea Forté is honored to support its work. To echo the spirit of prior collaborations, a portion of sales will support NYBG’s research, conservation, horticulture, and education efforts, making Soleil an excellent spring or summer gift for any enthusiast of fine tea and botanical preservation.

In homage to the NYBG’s historic Mertz Library, the Soleil Collection’s packaging features the historic work of Belgian botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, whose illustrations have appeared on the packaging for both previous NYBG collaborations, Jardin and Fleur. They’ve been brought together by Tea Forté Creative Director Paul Anselmi against a warm pastel yellow background, a simple homage to the sun itself (and a nod to one of Pantone's official colors of the year).



Selections from the limited edition Soleil Collection include the Soleil Gift Set, a Presentation Box featuring 20 pyramid infusers; a Petite Presentation Box featuring 10 infusers; a 15-serving Single Steeps Sampler; a Vanilla Rose Loose Leaf Tea Canister, a Wildflower Honey Citrus Loose Leaf Tea Canister and a KATI® Steeping Cup with Stainless Steel Infuser – each one an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, graduations, and all spring and summer celebrations.


Soleil Single Steeps Samplers

The Soleil Single Steeps® Sampler contains 15 loose tea pouches for easy steeping at home or on-the-go.


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