The Secret Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea
Health Benefits

The Secret Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea


"The act of enjoying herbal infusions made with the lovely and soothing chamomile flower is thought to aid the body in a great number of ways. From easing the frustration of insomnia to staving off the common cold, this classic tea ingredient is synonymous with calmness and well-being. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, all of which have shown medicinal promise in recent peer-reviewed studies."*


Many people rely on the relaxing effects of chamomile tea blends and tisanes to help them sleep. The simple act of sipping a hot cup of tea is generally calming, and folk medicine has long used chamomile for its ability to soothe the body into a state of restfulness. A caffeine-free tisane such as chamomile “tea” isn't habit-forming and can be used as often as necessary to promote restful nights.



Infusions of chamomile are believed to be useful for clearing up skin problems, both in oral and topical preparations. The herb may help in cases of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and some forms of acne. People suffering from skin lesions and burns may benefit from chamomile’s ability to promote the production of collagen proteins necessary for speeding up the healing process.



Studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea may increase body levels of a chemical called hippurate, a natural immune booster. It is believed that regularly consuming tea made with chamomile may strengthen the immune system, making it easier to fight off common illnesses.



Settling down with a cup of tea has a way of soothing frazzled nerves. Chamomile in particular has shown promise in mild to moderate cases of anxiety and depression. One 2012 study showed a 50 percent reduction in anxiety symptoms of those who took chamomile extract every day for a period of eight weeks, suggesting that drinking a tea infusion on a regular basis may also aid this condition.



One of the reasons that chamomile tea is believed to be so good for conditions such as skin problems is its ability to inhibit the body from releasing inflammatory compounds. Called prostaglandins, these compounds are usually produced by white blood cells in response to injury or infection. Fewer inflammatory prostaglandins means less pain and easier recovery.



Everyone experiences mild digestive discomfort from time to time. Instead of reaching for an over-the-counter medicine, it can be helpful to drink a chamomile tisane instead. Its stomach-soothing properties may relax muscles to improve sluggish digestion, settle unpleasant gas, lessen stomach pain and sooth general digestive discomfort. Chamomile also shows promise with regard to unpleasant conditions ranging from colic to irritable bowel syndrome.



Antioxidants combat the effects of free radicals, unstable molecules that are formed in the body every day in response to metabolism and outside stimuli. The high amount of antioxidants in chamomile tea may work to slow aging and fight chronic disease. Including chamomile in therapeutic herbal blends has even been shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.

With all of the benefits that chamomile tea has to offer, it makes sense to have this aromatic herb as a staple in the kitchen, particularly enjoyed in a hot infusion at bedtime.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Chamomile Citron loose tea leaves
Chamomile Citron tea in a canister of loose tea
Chamomile Citron tea in a one pound pouch of loose tea

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