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Blomus Tea Jay Iced Tea Maker


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Make iced tea with your favorite loose leaf tea directly at the table in minutes. The purist design of the Tea Jay offers a visual highlight while steeping iced tea. Add delicious fruits, fresh juice or sweet syrups into the glass carafe to prepare the tea to your own tastes. A filter & tea reservoir are integrated into the stainless steel top. If there is leftover iced tea, simply replace the cap and store in the refrigerator.

Features & Measurements:
• 3 piece set includes one glass carafe, one stainless steel filter/top, and one water/tea reservoir with cap
• 27 oz capacity (800 ml)
• Dishwasher-safe
• Stainless steel filter/top not microwave-safe
• Measurements: 11.8" H x 3.3" D X 3.3" W
• Made by Blomus
* 3rd party item, discounts are not applicable

How to use the Blomus Tea Jay: [Click To Watch Video]
1. Unscrew the stainless steel filter/top from the glass carafe.
2. Fill the glass carafe 3/4 full with ice. Add any sweetener, fruit, herbs or other ingredients if desired.
3. Replace stainless steel top and twist until tight & secure, making sure the black cap is on top. Grip the top of the cap and twist clockwise (right) until it is locked in place.
4. To open the reservoir, grip the top of the cap and lift it straight upwards.
5. Add 3-4 teaspoons of your favorite loose leaf tea into the reservoir. Then add 8-9 ounces of hot water until nearly full. Replace cap and steep for the
the recommended amount of time, depending on the tea type.
6. When done steeping, grip the cap and turn counter-clockwise (left) to unlock the reservoir, releasing the hot tea into the glass carafe. This step of the preparation can be celebrated directly in front of guests, while the tea leaves can be disposed of or composted later. Your iced tea is now ready to serve and enjoy.

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