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Drink to Your Wellness This Year with These Teas

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Drink to Your Wellness This Year with These Teas
Health Benefits

Drink to Your Wellness This Year with These Teas

Come January, it's time to embark on new resolutions and shore up our defenses against winter illness. One of the most enjoyable ways to take care of ourselves this time of year is to engage in a cozy daily ritual of drinking our favorite tea. From sublime green teas and herbal tisanes to bold black teas, delicate white teas, and complex oolong blends, each Tea Forté tea blend offers health-forward properties to benefit the body and mind.

Wellbeing tea in white Café Cup in a spa-like location

The Wellbeing Gift Set includes 10 wellness teas, one limited edition porcelain Café Cup with lid, and a matching ceramic Tea Tray.


Incorporating a restorative ritual into our day-to-day routine gives us a much-needed chance to unwind, which can boost our immunity and overall health in the long run. To engage the senses while doing so, Tea Forté's Wellbeing Collection brings together five tea blends curated to relax, restore, and revitalize body and soul. It brings the benefits of a wellness spa into each calming cup with a gorgeous balance of flavors from sweet fruits to comforting florals. Each blend in the collection is made with natural adaptogens to reduce inflammation and ward off the effects of stress.

Available together in the Wellbeing Collection or enjoyed individually, the sweet, spicy Defense blend features echinacea, ginger, and elderberry to guard against winter colds, while Invigorate offers calm energy with beetroot, ginger, ginseng, and matcha powder. The minty Purify blend contains refreshing yerba mate and dandelion root, luscious Radiance offers complexion-friendly nettle, citrus, and rosemary, and the relaxing Serenity blend calms the soul with lavender, lemony nettle, and juniper berry.


Green Mango Peach Loose Tea Canister with fruit and leaves around it

Green Mango Peach couples cooling peppermint leaves with the succulent sweet taste of sunny mangos and orchard-picked peach.


For an abundance of antioxidants, it's always a good idea to reach for a cup of green tea. Over time, regular consumption of green tea can help our hearts in several ways, including lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol and blood pressure. And in the short-term, its amino acids deliver a calm, stable energy boost without the jitters and anxious thoughts often associated with coffee, making it an excellent choice for anyone wishing to engage in a stress-free, heart-healthy ritual. From Wildflower Honey Citrus to Moroccan Mint, Tea Forté's green tea blends span a wide range of flavor profiles, from simple sencha to complex, fruity-floral combinations that transport the senses to another place and time. View all our Green Teas here.


Herbal Retreat tea box with an open book and cup of tea

The Herbal Retreat Collection offers five unique caffiene-free herbal teas.


A beautiful way to enjoy tea without caffeine is to explore the wonders of herbal tisanes made with organic botanical ingredients from flowers and fruits to spices and roots. For a gorgeous introduction to the world of herbal teas, consider Tea Forté's Herbal Retreat Collection, featuring five lush botanical blends: Apricot Amaretto, Blueberry Merlot, Cherry Cosmo, Kiwi Lime Ginger, and Mojito Marmalade.


The Lotus Tea Collection with infusers, cups and tea

Our Lotus Collection is a curated assortment of relaxing teas for mind, body & spirit.


For another sublime assortment of teas worthy of a five-star resort menu, the Lotus Collection contains a quintet of blends including a white tea (Vanilla Pear), green tea (Orange Jasmine), black tea (Darjeeling Quince), oolong tea (Mountain Oolong), and herbal tisane (Lemon Lavender). This collection offers a sampling of each type of tea as well as a diverse array of sweetness, spice, floral notes, and citrus zing.


Cold Brew tea boxes with glass cups of cold-brewed tea in shades of pink

Liven up your water with caffeine-free Cold Brew teas, organic herbal botanicals and hints of refreshing fruit.


As winter melts into spring and cravings for cold drinks grow, Tea Forté's Cold Brew Collection is a perfect way to transition your daily tea ritual into the warmer months. With all the beauty of the tea-steeping process and the light refreshment of an ice-cold zero-calorie beverage, Cold Brew sachets are available in three unique, revitalizing flavors: Elderflower Rose, Pomegranate Vanilla, and Watermelon Mint. Take your hydration anywhere you go in these perfectly coordinating Porter Water Bottles.


Whatever blends you choose to incorporate into your life this season, all are sure to benefit your body, mind, and soul through the calming experience of enjoying each cup. Brimming with ingredients that are good for you, it's a perfect way to indulge the senses and take good care this season.

Explore Tea Forté's health-forward selection of teas and find your perfect cupful.



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