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Introducing the Wellbeing Collection

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Introducing the Wellbeing Collection
Discovering New Blends

Introducing the Wellbeing Collection


In chaotic times, it can be a challenge to find a peaceful moment for ourselves. That's why it's so important to incorporate restorative rituals into our daily routines, giving ourselves a chance to unwind and engage our senses. Tea Forté's Wellbeing Collection offers five tea blends curated specifically to relax, restore and revitalize, bringing the benefits of a wellness spa into each calming cup. A refreshing departure from most teas with health benefits, this collection offers a gorgeous balance of flavors from sweet fruits to comforting florals. Made with natural adaptogens meant to reduce inflammation and ward off the effects of stress, these herbal tisanes and green tea blends are carefully crafted to soothe the body, mind and soul.


Wellbeing tea in white Café Cup in a spa-like location

NEW The Wellbeing Gift Set includes 10 wellness teas, one limited edition light blue Café Cup and matching ceramic Tea Tray.


Bringing together a health-forward selection of organic tea leaves, herbs, roots, fruits, and flowers, the Wellbeing Collection features a quintet of herbal and green tea blends, each with its own unique beneficial purpose, beautiful aroma and exquisite flavor. Much like a menu of spa services, each blend addresses a specific aspect of wellness, from immune-boosting antioxidants to sleep-friendly compounds. The Wellbeing Collection's assortment of organic & kosher certified teas includes:

This collection is meant to meet your varying needs from dawn to dusk, supporting overall wellbeing as you move throughout the day. Whether seeking to reach a new level of focus with the Invigorate blend, nurture the immune system with the Defense blend, encourage an inner glow with the Radiance blend, opt for a reset with the Purify blend, or unwind with the Serenity blend, there's a tea perfectly designed to provide you the balance you need.

Selections from the Wellbeing Collection include the NEW Wellbeing Gift Set (10 pyramid infusers, one limited edition porcelain Café Cup and matching ceramic Tea Tray), Presentation Box (20 pyramid infusers with 4 servings of each blend), Petite Presentation Box (10 pyramid infusers with 2 servings of each blend), Single Steeps (15 single-serve loose leaf packets with 3 servings of each blend), five Loose Tea Canisters (35-50 servings), and a signature KATI Cup—a flexible array of options for loose leaf tea enthusiasts as well as those who enjoy the simple beauty of Tea Forté's pyramid infusers.

To experience the benefits of well-being for yourself, explore the Wellbeing Collection.


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