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Loose Leaf Tea Canisters Purify

Herbal Tea

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A mellow yet juicy citrus-forward blend with purifying mate and dandelion root.

NOTE: While this tea is herbal, it does contain a very small amount of caffeine that naturally occurs in the yerba maté (1-10 mg per serving).

Relax, restore and revitalize the mind and body with this wellness-focused tea collection, inspired by the elegance and holistic knowledge of fine luxury spas. Organic green tea blends and herbal tisanes come together to support a glowing complexion, enlivened spirit, fortified defenses, calm state of mind and purifiedsense of tranquility. All of our Wellbeing Loose Leaf Tea Canisters are USDA Organic Certified and Kosher Certified.

Tea Forte offers high-quality blends in our signature pyramid infuser and loose tea. The weight of the tea ranges from 30-130 grams depending on the volume of the blend. Each 100% recyclable canister contains approximately 35-50 servings. View all our Loose Leaf Tea options, including 1lb pouches, Single Steeps® and more.
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Tea Type : Herbal Tea

From culinary indulgences to environmental factors, the digestive system can be subjected to a great deal of stress. To support the body's ability to purify itself, Tea Forté's Purify offers a blend of yerba mate, dandelion root, fennel, and ginger, resulting in a mellow herbal tisane to aid digestion and gently assist the liver. Perfect on its own or as an after-dinner drink, it's a pleasant elixir ideal for incorporating into a health-forward nutritional routine.

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    1. Heat water to 208 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Place tea in cup and pour water over the leaves.
    3. Steep for 5 minutes or longer.
    4. Enjoy!
    For loose leaf iced teas, use 3 tsp per 8-ounce glass and double the steep time.
    Flavor: Citrus notes with a light sweetness, spice, and lightly minty fennel.
    Aroma: Pleasant citrus with mellow and herby mint.
    Color: Orange peel
    • organic rosehip seeds
    • organic green yerba mate
    • organic ginger
    • organic rooibos
    • organic fennel
    • organic spearmint
    • organic licorice root
    • organic cinnamon
    • organic hibiscus
    • organic nettle leaves
    • organic chamomile
    • organic cardamom seed
    • organic dandelion root
    • natural flavors
    • organic lemon oil

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