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Tea Blend Spotlight: Purify


Calling on nature's ability to fortify our overstressed systems and enjoy restorative moments of tranquility, Tea Forté's new Wellbeing Collection introduces a quintet of teas to benefit the body and mind. One of its five new blends is Purify, an herbal tisane crafted to soothe the digestive system and support the liver. With the richness of yerba mate, a subtle-sweet hint of fennel, a floral note of rosehip, and a bright boost of ginger atop a mellow foundation of dandelion root, Purify engages the senses while it comforts the body. As each sip builds on the one before it, the blend's calming warmth and thoughtful balance of flavors pair well with a touch of honey, invoking a luxurious, spa-like sense of calm in every cup.

urify Loose Tea Canister and a Wellbeing KATI Steeping Cup

The Purify Loose Tea Canister offers 35-50 servings of herbal tea.

Beneficial Tea Ingredients

This blend brings together some of the most supportive and purifying ingredients the natural world has to offer. Fennel boasts a hearty amount of fiber and manganese, both of which are known for aiding the body's metabolic process. Rosehip seeds are known for their bounty of heart-healthy, immune-boosting antioxidants and may also aid in metabolic processes. Ginger, a highly functional ingredient, has long been used in traditional and modern medicine to soothe the stomach, calm indigestion and quell nausea. Dandelion root is rich with vitamins, minerals and prebiotic properties, and it imparts a cozy, chicory-like flavor that perfectly balances this beautiful blend.

Purify ingredients: Fennel seed, ginger and dandelion root


Most important of all, the Purify blend is crafted with organic yerba mate. This tisane varietal is blended with a host of health benefits in mind, including the ability to help the body turn food into fuel. Studies credit yerba mate with a mild appetite-suppressing effect, as well as the ability to deliver a slight metabolic boost. Perfect on its own or as an after-dinner drink, Purify is a pleasant elixir, ideal for incorporating into a health-forward daily routine.

The Wellbeing Collection

As part of Tea Forte's new Wellbeing Collection, Purify is one of five tea blends curated specifically to relax, restore and revitalize, bringing the benefits of a wellness spa into each calming cup. Made with natural adaptogens meant to reduce inflammation and ward off the effects of stress, these herbal tisanes and green tea blends are carefully crafted to soothe the body, mind and soul. Much like a menu of spa services, each blend addresses a specific aspect of wellness, from immune-boosting antioxidants to sleep-friendly compounds, and in a refreshing departure from other teas with health benefits, they feature a gorgeous balance of flavors from sweet fruits to comforting florals.

This collection is meant to meet your varying needs from dawn to dusk, supporting overall wellbeing as you move throughout the day. Whether looking to reach a new level of focus with the Invigorate blend, nurture the immune system with the Defense blend, encourage an inner glow with the Radiance blend, opt for a reset with the Purify blend, or unwind with the Serenity blend, there's a tea thoughtfully designed to provide you the benefit you seek. Purify is the perfect blend with which to calm the body, provide a counterbalance to culinary indulgence, or simply enjoy a soothing moment of calm.

To experience the benefits of the Purify blend and Wellbeing Collection for yourself, click here.

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Purify loose tea leaves
Purify tea in a canister of loose tea
Wellbeing Presentation Boxes, lid closed and open
Wellbeing tea assortment 15 count box of Single Steeps pouches - view of box top
Wellbeing tea assortment in a 10 count petite presentation box with lid open and closed

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