The Jardin Collection Petite Presentation Box and infusers with chocolates
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Introducing the Jardin Collection



With spring approaching, a beautiful new collection has blossomed from a collaboration between Tea Forté and The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). For lifelong tea enthusiasts and those just beginning to appreciate the beauty of fine tea blends, the Jardin Collection offers a lush array of thoughtful details to provoke the senses. The carefully-curated series includes five tea blends, including four Tea Forté classics and one new blend specially crafted for the collection. Strawberry Hibiscus, a new oolong blend and 2019 Global Tea Champion award-winner, joins four elegant favorites: Chamomile Citron, Chocolate Rose, Green Mango Peach, and Vanilla Pear. Each blend is made with organic ingredients echoing the living collections found at NYBG. Altogether, Jardin represents each variety of tea: green, white, black, oolong, and herbal tisanes.

"In creating the Strawberry Hibiscus blend, we wanted to bring a delicate sweetness to the familiar comforts of rose and oolong tea leaves. Given the notes of the four classic teas in the collection, ranging from lush tropical fruits to intricate florals that can all be found at NYBG, this new blend is an ideal addition to its counterparts." — Tea Forté Master Tea Blender Piotr Miga

The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York Botanical Garden seen at sunset from above

The New York Botanical Garden's Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a stunning example of Victorian-style glasshouse artistry


When The New York Botanical Garden approached Tea Forté about creating a collection inspired by the garden, an invitation was extended to browse The Rare Book and Folio Collections of the LuEsther T. Mertz Library – the largest botanical library in the world. There, timeless works were selected from the archives to be incorporated into the collection’s visual design. As a result, Jardin’s packaging features elements of several Pierre-Joseph Redouté prints. Redouté is one of the most noted botanical artists in history, serving on the courts of both Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte in his day.

" Redouté’s depiction of the peach, rose, and citron flower give us an elegant mélange echoing the flavors found in the collection. I was honored to have the opportunity to select from such exquisite works, which have been appreciated through the ages for their careful detail and natural beauty, and make them new again through our modern interpretation." — Tea Forté Creative Director Paul Anselmi

The New York Botanical Garden offers a variety of special events and shows, including this scene from their annual Orchid Show.



Purchasing the Jardin Collection is more than a health-conscious personal indulgence; it also helps to fund the horticultural and educational work of a world-class institution. A percentage of each sale benefits The New York Botanical Garden, a leading non-profit organization renowned for its botanical research and conservation efforts. Perfect as a Mother’s Day gift idea, an elegant wedding shower tea, or a simple present to oneself, this array of tea blends offers a lovely sampling of Tea Forté’s vast array of luxury teas.


Chamomile Citron loose tea leaves
Chocolate Rose tea pile
Green Mango Peach loose tea leaves
Strawberry Hibiscus loose tea leaves
Vanilla Pear loose tea leaves, SOFI Award winner
Jardin Gift Set with cup of tea and box.

The Jardin Gift Set includes one limited edition Café Cup, Tea Tray and Jardin Mini Petite Presentation Box of 10 pyramid tea infusers.


Jardin tea assortment in a 10 count petite presentation box with lid open and closed
Jardin Collection Gift Set showing contents
Jardin design KATI® Steeping cup with infuser showing closeup of cup


As a permanent commemoration of this special partnership, a limited edition series of teaware is also available. In addition to the Jardin Presentation Box, featuring ten infusers (two of each blend), the Jardin Gift Set features a special pink Café cup and tea tray in addition to the box. Rounding out the exclusive teaware collection, the Jardin KATI® Steeping Cup with stainless steel infuser features a custom combination of Redouté's historical prints applied over a soft pink background.

The Jardin Collection and its accessories are ideal spring and summer gift ideas for tea enthusiasts, made even more special by their ephemeral presence. Give the gift of luxury organic tea to yourself or a loved one this season and raise a cup in good health.

The Jardin Collection is available through Tea Forté.com, The New York Botanical Garden Shop, and select fine retailers.

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