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How to Pair the Perfect Breakfast Tea


Since breakfast is the first meal you enjoy upon waking, it should be an enjoyable experience that sets the proper tone for the day. The right breakfast tea eases its drinker into the morning with a gentle nudge and rich flavor. Across England, Ireland and Scotland, each country has its own blend of choice; read on to discover how to pair the perfect breakfast tea with your morning meal of choice.


Tea dubbed as "breakfast" blends are made from a variety of black teas combined to offer a bold morning blend. Though no specific guidelines exist as to which teas are used in what amounts, each area of the United Kingdom has its own signature blend. English teas are predominantly made of Chinese black tea but may contain Assam (India) or Ceylon (Sri Lanka) leaves as well. Irish breakfast tea is a mix of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan tea leaves, while Scottish breakfast tea is often blended from Assam, Keemun and Orange Pekoe.


If you want a rich, full-bodied tea with overtones of warm honey, choose an English blend, which pairs perfectly with a full English breakfast (or “fry-up”) of beans on toast, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and mushrooms. Irish teas are a bit sweeter and smoother with a hint of malt, which complements a full Irish breakfast of bacon, sausage, black and white pudding, and potato, all fried in butter and sopped up with traditional Irish bread.


A plate of eggs and toast with tea

Fry-up is made up of beans on toast, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and mushrooms.


For a truly robust tea experience, consider a Scottish breakfast variety. These can be the strongest breakfast blends with the greatest overtones of malt, and it pairs well with a traditional Scottish breakfast that mimics its UK counterparts but adds some Scottish pudding and an occasional scone.

Of course, a full English, Irish or Scottish breakfast isn’t necessary in order to enjoy a morning cup of breakfast tea; the right tea blend can be a delight on its own, or paired with a simple bagel, piece of fruit, bowl of cereal or cup of yogurt. Whatever your first meal of the day might be, consider experimenting with a few different breakfast blends to discover which one pleases your palate the most.



To make the perfect morning pick-me-up

  1. Place one teaspoon of loose breakfast tea (or one tea bag or Tea Forté pyramid infuser) into a tea ball or infuser
  2. Pour one cup of boiling water over the top
  3. Let it steep for three to five minutes depending on the level of strength you prefer.

Black tea contains about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, making it a reasonable substitute for a morning of joe, but for those who desire a caffeine-free breakfast tea, decaffeinated options abound. Tea Forté’s Decaf Breakfast blend, for example, offers all the flavors and health benefits of breakfast tea without the usual stimulant.



Enjoying your favorite breakfast tea not only gives you a bright start to the day; it may also impart an array of benefits for the human body. Black tea is rich in flavonoids, which are plant-based phytonutrients that may protect your body from oxidative damage. Studies have shown that a higher intake of flavonoids from tea and other plant foods may protect against degenerative conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Black tea also contains a host of vitamins and nutrients, including potassium, which is important for mitigating the effects of too much sodium on cellular health and fluid levels. Since many people take in too much sodium, black tea may help to balance the ratio. It also contains folate, an essential nutrient for tissue health.

Pouring black tea into a white cup
Black tea is rich in flavonoids which may protect against as heart disease and cancer.

Among a vast array of teas perfectly suited for early enjoyment, Tea Forté's English Breakfast blend offers an ideal way to begin your morning routine. Raise a cup in good health and let it ease you into a brilliant day.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

English Breakfast loose tea leaves, North American Tea Champion winner
Decaf Breakfast loose tea leaves
Earl Grey loose tea leaves

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