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How to Use the Tea Forté Café Cup

How to Choose a Loose Leaf Tea Infuser KATI® Steeping Cup & Infuser
How to Use the Tea Forté Café Cup
Tea Preparation

How to Use the Tea Forté Café Cup

If you’ve ever ordered hot tea on a cruise, in a spa or at an upscale restaurant, perhaps it’s been served to you in an inventive porcelain cup with a small hole in its cover, revealing a delicate paper leaf attached to a pyramid tea infuser inside. If so, you’ve enjoyed a Tea Forté blend served in the Tea Forté Café Cup, and now, you can own one -- or six -- to call yours.


The Café Cup steeps up to 8 oz of your tea of choice, and comes complete with a custom lid that keeps tea hot and allows the leaf of the pyramid infuser to peek through. To use, remove the lid and place one pyramid infuser in the bottom of the cup with the green leaf pointing upwards. Pour in the hot water until full, and place the lid on top, threading the leaf through the hole for presentation and effect.

Close up of a white café cup filled with tea next to a tea infuser on a white tea tray presented on a bamboo oval tray.

The custom lid to keeps the tea hot, allowing the leaf to peek through while steeping.

Let green or white tea steep for 3 minutes, black or oolong tea steep should steep for 3 to 5 minutes, and allow up to 5 minutes or longer for an herbal tisane to fully infuse. When the steep is complete, remove the lid and place it underneath your cup to act as a saucer. Remove the pyramid infuser and set aside (our Tea Trays are made just for that purpose) and enjoy an aromatic cup of Tea Forté.

With the lid off and the infuser resting on a Tea Tray, you're ready to enjoy an aromatic cup of Tea Forté.

Perfect for office settings, dinner parties or your next big event, the signature Café Cup is also offered in a set of six. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.


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