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Tea Blend Spotlight: Cherry Blossom

Raspberry Nectar Clover Club Fiore Sakura Teaware Collection
Tea Blend Spotlight: Cherry Blossom
Discovering New Blends

Tea Blend Spotlight: Cherry Blossom

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Tea Forté's Cherry Blossom blend celebrates the fleeting beauty of spring and the delicate fragrances and flavors of cherries, flower petals, and green tea leaves.

Every year as winter eases into spring, cherry blossoms unfurl across Japan, drawing crowds to parks and other outdoor spaces to take in the splendor. Hanami, as Japan's annual cherry festival season is called, is a meditation on the impermanence of beauty, as cherry blossoms typically last just a couple of weeks before their petals fall away from their branches and drift off into the breeze. Cherry blossom festivals can be enjoyed in various cities and states across the U.S. and beyond.

Tea Forté's organic Cherry Blossom blend & the Hanami Collection celebrates this phenomenon, drawing together the delicate fragrances and flavors of sweet cherries, flower petals, and green tea leaves.

Cherry Blossom Hanami Petite with a Pink Cafe Cup, cookies and sugar

Cherry blossom green tea celebrates spring's beauty in full bloom. Pair it with a Rose Pink Café Cup and coordinating Tea Trays.


Cherry Blossom's multi-sensory experience begins with its scent: a light wisp of tart fruit, the soft green earthiness of sencha, and a suggestion of pink and white flower petals. Light golden green when steeped, it evokes the feeling of an afternoon spent under a canopy of cherry trees in full bloom. This joyous, inviting tea was awarded the silver medal at the 2018 Global Tea Championship.

Cherry Blossom ingredients, rose petals, green tea and cherries

Composed of green tea leaves, cherries, and rose petals, the award-winning, organic Cherry Blossom blend welcomes tea lovers around the world to breathe in and appreciate the fleeting beauty of spring flowers in full bloom. Green tea, made of rolled and roasted leaves from the camellia sinensis tea plant, is known for its health-forward antioxidants and L-Theanine, a natural amino acid that gently rounds off caffeine's edge, imparting a calm sense of focused energy for several hours after consumption.


To pay further homage to Japan's iconic signifier of spring's arrival, consider steeping the Cherry Blossom blend in one of Tea Forté's two signature KATI® Steeping Cups adorned in cherry blossom motifs: Hanami and Cherry Blossom. The double-walled ceramic tumblers, each with its own integrated stainless steel infuser, make preparing loose tea by the cup simpler than ever, steeping 12 ounces at a time and keeping it warm for enjoyment at a leisurely pace. 

Click here to enjoy Cherry Blossom for yourself, or explore Tea Forté's full array of green tea blends.


Cherry Blossom and Hanami tea and accessories

The Hanami Petite Presentation Box includes 10 pyramid tea infusers of Cherry Blossom green tea. Pair it with a matching Hanami KATI Steeping Cup.


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