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Wild Berry Hibiscus Latte
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Wild Berry Hibiscus Latte



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The berry & citrus infused Wild Berry Hibiscus tea lends the drink the most beautiful natural lavender color. Enjoy it warm or over ice all season long.

Wild Berry Hibiscus Latte in a POOM glass with a loose tea canister


  • 1 Tea Forté Wild Berry Hibiscus pyramid infuser, or 1 tsp of loose tea*
  • ½ cup hot water
  • 1 tsp honey
  • ½ cup steamed whole milk with foam
  • optional garnish: dried rose petals


    1. Place the pyramid tea infuser into a heat-proof mug, add the hot water and steep for 4 minutes. If using loose tea, scoop the tea leaves into an infusing basket, place in a heat-proof mug, add water and steep for 4 minutes.
    2. When done steeping, remove the pyramid tea infuser and discard. If using loose tea, strain out the tea leaves and discard, reserving the steeped liquid.
    3. Add the honey to the tea liquid and stir until combined.
    4. Add the milk and finish with foam. Garnish with a sprinkle of dried rose petals on top.
    5. Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Yields: One 8 oz latte

    * Wild Berry Hibiscus pyramid infusers are available in the Herbal Tea Tasting Assortment and the Soleil Collection. Wild Berry Hibiscus  is also available as a Loose Tea Canister.

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