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Gift Basket Ideas for Tea Lovers

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Gift Basket Ideas for Tea Lovers
Tea Gifting Ideas

Gift Basket Ideas for Tea Lovers


Tea is associated with many pleasant things, chief among them comfort and tranquility. Offering both a gentle way to ease into a morning and a calming ritual perfect for bedtime, the ancient botanical drink brings balance and peace to any setting. It makes a welcome centerpiece to a gift basket, and creative options abound when you’re putting together gifts for tea lovers and new tea drinkers alike. Read on for some tea-centric gift basket ideas to delight everyone on the receiving end.

Books & Tea: A Perfect Pairing

There may be no cozier pastime in the world than the simple act of curling up with tea and a good book. Especially for loved ones who could use a reminder to treat themselves to a tea break, consider pairing a fragrant caffeine-free tea (or two) with a book they might enjoy. This kind gesture may give them the permission they weren’t aware they needed for a few hours of much-needed “me” time. For inspiration, consult the National Book Foundation for award winners by genre and year.

Tasteful Treats: Palate Pleasers

Whether the receiver has a sweet tooth or a taste for salty, crispy snacks, tea makes for an easy pairing with a variety of sweet and savory bites. Tea and chocolate is a classic combination, as are tea cookies, seasoned water biscuits, dried fruits and nuts, and luxury goods like caviar, fine cheese, aged vinegars, and infused oils. Thoughtful gift basket combinations like these are a time-tested holiday favorite, especially between business executives and bon vivants who enjoy the finer things in life. For such a discerning citizen of the world, an artisanal chai or oolong blend will always be met with enthusiasm.

French macarons make for a colorful sweet treat

Sense of Place: Themed Teas

Tea has the ability to transport the mind to another place and time, and that may have something to do with the deep sense of history tea carries with it. Perhaps the recipient is an Anglophile with a love of all things royal; if so, consider pairing a very English gift of Earl Grey tea with a few other items straight from the UK. Or for an elegant nod to Japan, present a fine matcha along with tea ceremony accessories like a traditional bowl (“chawan”), whisk (“chasen”), and ladle (“chashaku”). If the gift’s place of origin has deep meaning or evokes special memories for the receiver, the gift will resonate even more.

Our Matcha tea & accessories help to create a traditional matcha experience.

Color Coded: A Visual Treat

If the receiver is a design-minded person with an eye for detail, compile their gift basket with a monochromatic theme in mind. Tea Forté’s warm, orange Chakra collection provides a bold visual pop alongside items with the same sunset hues. Top with a bow in a complementary color from the opposite side of the color wheel and rest assured the recipient’s eyes will light up when they see their gift approaching.

Inspired to build your own gift for a tea lover? Explore Tea Forté’s world of teas, caffeine-free teas, and teaware to curate the perfect assortment of items. 


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