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Behind the Scenes: Q&A with a proud Tea Forté Mom

Fiore Sakura Teaware Collection Tea Blend Spotlight: Raspberry Nectar
Behind the Scenes: Q&A with a proud Tea Forté Mom
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Behind the Scenes: Q&A with a proud Tea Forté Mom

Meet Daniella, Tea Forté's Social Media Specialist by day, proud mama to her son Seb always. It's safe to say great taste runs in the family! Leading up to Mother's Day, we took some time to ask Daniella a few questions about her role outside of Momhood, her favorite Tea Forté teas, and more.

Daniella's favorite gift for tea lovers - the Tea Chest.

Daniella's favorite gift for tea lovers, the Tea Chest.

Q: What is your official role at Tea Forté?
A: Social Media Specialist. I run our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and work with influencers and content creators to showcase our brand online. I love seeing how Tea Forté inspires people and what they create from our tea collections and accessories.

Q: Who are you outside of work?
A: I am a wife, and mom to 3-year-old Sebastian and 9-year-old French Bulldog, Fio. I love to eat good food and unwind with some entertaining tv on the couch.

Q: How long have you been working with the company?
A: Almost 5 years now!

Q: Loose tea or pyramid?
A: It depends - when I have the time, I like to make myself a nice cup of loose tea. I like being able to open up a loose tea canister, look at the tea and smell the aroma. I also like to be able to control the flavor strength too with loose tea. When I don’t have a lot of time, I love the pyramid infusers because everything is contained and good to go.

Q: Favorite thing about the Tea Forté brand?
A: To me, Tea Forté just seems so special. I of course love gifting Tea Forté, but being able to enjoy it myself or serving it for friends and family is a totally unique experience. When I have a cup of Tea Forté it uplifts my day and gives me something unique to enjoy.

Q: What is your tea ritual?
A: I either like to have tea to slow down and focus on myself or playing “tea party” with my son and “cheersing” our cups 😊

Daniella, Tea Forté's Social Media Specialist, and Mom to her son Seb

Daniella, Tea Forté's Social Media Specialist, and Mom to her son Seb.

Q: Favorite tea blend?
A: I love fruity, tart teas like Raspberry Nectar, Wild Berry Hibiscus, and Mango Citron. I also love Earl Grey as a classic morning tea.

Q: Favorite cup?
A: I am in love with the Fiore Steeping Cups. The Wild Poppy coloration is my favorite.

Q: Favorite thing to gift to tea lovers?
A: Tea Chests!

Q: When do you first remember having tea?
A: I remember my mom making me tea with lemon when I was sick. It was always so warming and healing.

Q:Iced tea or hot tea?
A: Depends on the season! Iced tea in the summer, and hot tea on chilly days.


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