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Tea May Be the Best Gift for Men (and Here’s Why)


Men around the world are increasingly discovering the health and lifestyle benefits of a daily cup of tea. Particularly of interest to people who value a sense of worldliness and discovery, tea can range from an occasional moment of enjoyment to a full-scale hobby. In popular culture, quite a few notable male characters are avowed tea drinkers, including Dr. Who, Jet Li’s character in Fearless, and of course, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek, who famously prefers his “Earl Grey, hot.”

Whether the men in your life simply enjoy an exceptional tea experience from time to time or might be apt to lose themselves in a quest for the rarest teas in all the land, the next gift they receive could be the beginning of an elegant sensory adventure. Read on to discover several perfect examples of the best gift for men: that of tea in its many delicious forms.


Black tea offers the boldest flavor profile of all tea varieties and can be a perfect tea gift for the coffee-drinking man. Black tea contains high levels of tannins, a form of antioxidant that may improve cardiovascular health, protect muscle mass and decrease inflammation. As an introduction to black tea, try Tea Forté’s Black Tea Assortment, including five of our most popular black teas.


Black Tea Assortment Presentation Box
Tea Forté SELECT Tea Chest


For the new tea drinker, Tea Forté’s Assortment Boxes offer a perfect way to sample up to 20 kinds of tea and find some favorites. Each chest contains a tea menu on the lid describing the unique characteristics of each blend. Or, for the man who knows what he wants, Tea Forté SELECT offers a customizable box filled with 20 pyramid infusers in the four blends of your choice. Or try Tea Forté SELECT Tea Chest, which includes 40 infusers and up to 8 different blends of your choice.


The traditional teapot may be a bit too fussy for some men. As an alternative, the KATI® Steeping Cup and Infuser makes a great men’s tea gift. Perfect for use in the office, the double-walled ceramic mug is hefty in the hand and keeps the tea warm for a long time. Paired with pre-portioned loose tea, it’s an easy way to steep the perfect cup anytime, anywhere. Gift it alongside one of Tea Forté’s Single Steeps® Tea Chests, each of which includes 28 individual blends in single-serving pouches.

KATI® Steeping Cup - NOIR
The World of Teas Single Steeps Sampler offer 15 pre-portioned pouches of loose leaf tea.


For the world traveler, the World of Teas Collection features fresh, sustainably harvested leaves, herbs and spices rich with the distinctive taste and intrepid individuality of each tea’s famed origins. An adventurous map-and-compass motif echoes the well-traveled teas’ origins in their packaging, paying tribute to their homes and hinting at their journeys around the world.


Tea is an ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious loved ones, both for its guilt-free flavor and its capacity to promote overall wellness. Bursting with antioxidants and other beneficial perks, tea is known for its antioxidative, antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Even with a touch of sugar, honey, milk or cream, it’s a far less indulgent treat than any other beverage aside from water. So, if you’d like to support the health-conscious lifestyle of someone on your shopping list, consider a tea gift from Tea Forte’s Essential Greens Collection or some tea & accessories from our Wellbeing Collection. After all, the gift of good health may be the best gift ever.

Wellbeing, our 2021 collection of Wellness teas.


Tea Tasting Assortment Tea Chest of 40 pyramid infusers
Black tea assortment in a 15 count box of Single Steeps pouches - view of box top
Essential Greens tea assortment 15 count box of Single Steeps pouches - view of box top
Poom double-walled glass with pyramid infuser inside
Stagg electric kettle in black
Carter Move travel mug in black
Two double-walled glasses with brewed tea inside each
Black Corvo Kettle EKG with Walnut handle side view, resting on base.

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