Icon Lusso Loose Tea Infuser with turquoise tray

Pyramid Loose Tea Infusers


Tea Forté offers three pyramid-shaped metal infusers that steep loose tea with elegance and ease: the ICON StainlessICON Au, and the LUSSO platinum loose tea infuser. The iconic pyramid shape allows the loose leaf tea leaves to fully unfurl and release all their delicate flavors, while the silicone leaf acts as a handle to add or remove the infuser from your cup. The ICON Au and LUSSO include a coordinating, monogrammed Tea Tray that can be used to present the infuser when serving. Use the tray again after steeping to help to catch the drips. All our Pyramid Loose Tea Infusers can be used again and again in almost any size cup, glass, or mug.

Stainless Steel loose tea infuser on its side with loose leaf tea spilling out


Our classic pyramid infuser design, the Icon Stainless, is made of stainless steel and is easy to use. Simply open the base, add loose tea, and place in a cup with hot water to steep. Use it in your favorite mug at home, at work, or bring it along when traveling with a handful of Single Steeps pouches.

con Au Loose Tea Infuser with Onyx Black Tea tray


Add a touch of gold to any table setting with the ICON Au loose tea pyramid infuser. Paired with one Onyx Black Tea Tray, the ICON Au is the ultimate way to steep loose tea again and again. The non-reactive 23k plated gold preserves the varied and unique characteristics of fine tea, while the accompanying glossy black tea tray catches the drips after steeping. Use with your favorite loose leaf tea to treat yourself, or someone special, to a luxurious tea experience.

Lusso Loose tea infuser with turquoise tea tray


The LUSSO pyramid infuser takes steeping loose tea to the next level. The non-reactive, platinum gold plated infuser preserves the varied and unique characteristics of fine tea, while the monogrammed, ceramic Turquoise Tea Tray completes the coordinating set. And to wrap it all up, the LUSSO comes in a magnetic-close gift box, adding an extra-special touch of elegance for the special tea lover in your life.



  1. Remove the silicone base.
  2. Fill the infuser with 1 teaspoon of loose tea and replace the base.
  3. Place infuser in a favorite cup, fill with hot water, and steep for the specified temperature & temperature.
  4. When finished steeping, rest the infuser on the accompanying Tea Tray (ICON Au & LUSSO). Add milk, lemon or your favorite sweetener, stir and enjoy.

Not sure how long to steep or at which temperature? Learn more about the importance of water temperature & steeping times for tea.


Remove silicone base and place infuser in a large bowl in the sink. Fill bowl with water and swish infuser around, releasing the tea leaves from inside the pyramid. Empty contents of bowl and repeat as needed. Dry with a soft, clean towel.


Icon stainless loose tea infuser

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