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Tea Blend Spotlight: Raspberry Nectar

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Tea Blend Spotlight: Raspberry Nectar
Discovering New Blends

Tea Blend Spotlight: Raspberry Nectar

5 minutes

No matter where we are or what's happening around us, a sensory experience can remind us how important life's simplest pleasures can be. Case in point: a cup of herbal tea, which can soothe our nerves with the sight, scent, and taste of nature's beauty. Tea Forté's Raspberry Nectar balances the sweetness of raspberry with tart fuchsia hibiscus petals and juicy citrus notes, making it a sweet-tart herbal tea perfect for enjoying any time of day.


The experience of Tea Forté's Raspberry Nectar begins with its deep translucent red hue and inviting berry aroma. Sun-ripened raspberry sits at the center of this fruit-forward blend, complimented by the subtle tartness of hibiscus. A bright blend of blackberry leaves, apple flesh, orange peel and rose hips round out its lush flavor profile, striking the perfect balance.

Steeping Raspberry Nectar tea

Steeping Raspberry Nectar tea. Photo by Francine Zaslow.


This herbal tea (which is technically referred to as a "tisane" since it's crafted without the leaves of the camellia sinensis tea plant) is naturally free of caffeine. Ideal for drinking in the morning, afternoon, or evening, the sweet zing of its ripe berries and citrus evokes the ease of rooftop cocktails, backyard cookouts, and childhood summers.

Raspberry Nectar ingredients



The Raspberry Nectar blend can be enjoyed hot or iced; in fact, Tea Forté offers a iced tea blend calibrated specifically to result in a delicious iced raspberry tea. Consider adding a touch of sugar or honey after flash chilling in the Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set to accentuate its natural sweetness, or enjoy it without any accompaniment.

However you take your tea, be sure to accept its invitation to enjoy some sun-ripened refreshment any time you choose. 

Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set steeping Raspberry Nectar tea with box and Poom Glasses

Keep refreshed with Iced Raspberry Nectar. Photo by Francine Zaslow.

Raspberry Nectar Clover Club

Looks like cotton candy and tastes like lemon raspberry ice cream! Try making this well-balanced cocktail with Raspberry Nectar tea.


  • • 1 tbsp Tea Forté Raspberry Nectar pyramid tea infuser
  • • 3oz Botanist gin
  • • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • • 1/2 oz raspberry syrup, such as Liber & Co, Torani, or Monin
  • • 1 egg white
  • • ice


  1. Pour the gin into a jar. Add the pyramid tea infuser and steep for up to 5 minutes. Remove the pyramid tea infuser and set aside to use in the finished cocktail preparation.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine the tea-infused gin, raspberry syrup, lemon juice and egg white. Shake the mixture without ice to develop the foam. Then, add ice to chill everything and shake again.
  3. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh raspberries and the pyramid tea infuser from step 1. Serve immediately.

Yields: One cocktail

* Raspberry Nectar pyramid infusers are available in an Event Box and within the Tea Tasting Assortment. For loose tea, it's available as a One Pound Pouch and a Loose Tea Canister.

Recipe & Image by @foodie_renee


Click here to enjoy Raspberry Nectar for yourself, or explore Tea Forté's full array of herbal tisanes.


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