Frank Lloyd Wright Terra Teaware

Frank Lloyd Wright® Terra Teaware

5 minutes

Tea Forté’s Frank Lloyd Wright® partnership collection continues to grow with the introduction of a new line of teaware accessories celebrating Wright’s unique visual language of abstraction and geometry.

Frank Lloyd Wright Terra Teaware

The Terra stoneware accessories include a striking sienna Teapot and Teacup and Saucer, both highlighting one of Wright's original designs carefully etched into the surface. This distinct collection offers lovers of art and tea an extraordinary opportunity to indulge in Tea Forté's premium blends, while also immersing themselves in the fundamental elements of Wright’s iconic style.


NEW! Terra Teapot & Infuser

The sienna stoneware teapot steeps up to 20 ounces of loose leaf tea, making it perfect for sharing and savoring your favorite Tea Forté loose tea blends.  Both dishwasher and microwave-safe, it pairs perfectly with the coordinating Terra Teacup and Saucer. Designed with durability in mind, this beautiful teapot offers an elegant yet functional way to elevate your tea ritual.

Diagram of Terra Teapot & parts


  1. Remove the ceramic lid and place 2-3 teaspoons (or more to taste) of loose tea into the infuser basket and nestle it into the teapot.
  2. Pour up to 20 ounces of hot water over the leaves, replace the lid, and steep for the blend's recommended period of time.*
  3. When finished steeping, remove the lid, pour the tea into your favorite teacup, and enjoy. Pairs perfectly with the Terra Teacup & Saucer. The Frank Lloyd Wright Teapot holds enough tea for one or two, so it’s great for sharing tea with a friend.

*For black and herbal teas, a water temperature of 208 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended; for oolong, green and white teas, 175-185˚F degrees is best to avoid burning the delicate leaves. As for timing, steep black and oolong tea for 3-5 minutes; green or white teas for 2-3 minutes, and herbal teas for 5+ minutes.

NEW! Terra Teacup & Saucer

The Terra Teacup is a delightful way to experience the premium blends of the Frank Lloyd Wright Tea Collection. With a capacity of 8 ounces, this stoneware teacup and matching saucer showcase one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs etched into the cup's surface, capturing the essence of Wright’s design principles and his relationship with nature. Together with the Terra Teapot, they create a modern tea experience rooted in Wright’s iconic design.

Diagram of Terra Teacup and Saucer on a wooden cabinet with pyramid tea infuser steeping inside

The Terra Teacup can be used with the Terra Teapot, or on it's own with your favorite Tea Forté pyramid tea infuser.

About the Frank Lloyd Wright Tea Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection is an exclusive collaboration celebrating design, connection, and creativity. This distinct selection of grounding teas is expertly crafted to pay homage to the iconic architect and visionary. From robust classics to spiced warming blends, each tea evokes a connection to nature, beauty, and tradition.

A portion of the purchase price supports the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's work to advance the legacy of America's greatest architect, including educational programs, scholarship, and the preservation of Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations. Learn more at Watch the video below to learn more.

To experience the full Frank Lloyd Wright Tea Collection, view it all here.


Terra stoneware teapot and infuser with lid on, side view
Terra stoneware teacup and saucer with etched design
Spiced Herbal Maté Loose Tea Canister
Frank Lloyd Wright Gift Set
Frank Lloyd Wright Presentation Box, open and closed
Frank Lloyd Wright Petite Presentation Box, open and closed
Terra Tea Set bundle with teapot and teacup with saucer
Frank Lloyd Wright Terra Tea Set of one Terra Teapot, One Terra Teacup and Saucer, one Frank Lloyd Wright Petite Box of 10 infusers and one Spiced Herbal Maté Loose Tea Canister

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