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Introducing the Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection

The Best Tea Blends for Fall Behind the Scenes with Frank Lloyd Wright
Introducing the Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection
Discovering New Blends

Introducing the Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection

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Introducing the Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection, an exclusive collaboration celebrating design, connection, and creativity. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Gift Set

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection includes a limited-edition Gift Set with matching stoneware accessories.


NEW FOR 2023 Tea Forté is delighted to introduce our exclusive collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Drawing inspiration from the legendary architect’s designs, we wrapped our exclusive tea collection in striking artwork that reflects his iconic style. Frank Lloyd Wright used earth’s geometry and simple, natural design to create beauty. Our tea collection is rooted in the same vision, extending these principles to flavors and aromas so you may enjoy the essence in a cup. We hope that these exceptional teas captivate you as profoundly as they have captivated us.


In a world that is constantly moving and busy, we all need a moment to pause and reflect. Tea-time was a favorite afternoon tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright. There's something about the warmth and aromas that a cup of tea can inspire.

In celebration of the holistic experiences Frank Lloyd Wright presented in his work, our new tea collection has been crafted with the same consideration for interconnected sensory experiences. Each cup will leave you feeling balanced and inspired.

Citrus Earl Grey has a twist of citrus and a creamy finish for a smooth take on a morning favorite. Oolong Crème delights the palate with its rich, dark flavor and toasty caramel notes. Honey Hojicha is a roasted green tea with a touch of honey and citrus. Spiced Herbal Maté has an earthy body with a refreshing finish. And Ceylon Gold is robust, full-bodied, and balanced classic tea.



The Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection is available in a variety of offerings, including a Presentation Box ($38, 20 pyramid infusers, four of each blend), a Petite Presentation Box ($28, 10 pyramid infusers, two of each blend), a Gift Set ($65, One Mini Petite Presentation Box of 10 pyramid tea infusers, one custom-designed stoneware cup, and one stoneware Tea Tray with a gold monogram), and a Spiced Herbal Maté Loose Tea Canister ($18, 35-50 loose tea servings.)

Also included is the Terra stoneware accessories, featuring the 20-ounce Terra Teapot with a gold loose tea infuser basket for steeping loose tea, and matching Terra Teacup and Saucer. Both accessories showcase one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs etched into the cup's surface, capturing the essence of Wright’s design principles and his relationship with nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright Petite and Presentation Boxes

Awaken creativity with this distinct collection of grounding teas.

Honoring the renowned architect’s vision, this tea collection blends tradition with bold creativity, delivering a harmonious experience for all the senses. Each blend is meticulously crafted for an inspired tea experience. Frank Lloyd Wright enjoyed the simple pleasure of drinking tea, and now you can find connection and creativity in this iconic collection. Shop the collection here

Frank Lloyd Wright Gift Set

Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright enjoying afternoon tea in the Tea Circle in Taliesin, the home he constructed in his native Wisconsin. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art | Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York) All rights reserved.


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