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Introduction to Maté

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Introduction to Maté
Tea Varieties

Introduction to Maté

Known as the national drink of Argentina but also popular in other countries, maté tea is a fresh, earthy beverage made from an antioxidant- and nutrient-packed herb grown in South America. Its health-forward properties and grounded flavor profile make it a beloved part of daily life for many.

Maté tea in a gourd with bombilla and dried tea pile on a wooden tray

Maté enjoyed the traditional way.


Maté tea, often referred to simply as "maté," is a botanical beverage teeming with beneficial plant compounds. Crafted from the dried leaves of the yerba maté plant, the drink transforms into a multisensory experience when expertly blended with the right balance of aromatic herbs and spices. Maté is traditionally prepared loose with hot water, served in a gourd, and sipped through a curved metal straw called a bombilla, which has a perforated bulb on the bottom to filter the liquid through the leaves.


Tea Forté’s Spiced Herbal Maté has a flavor profile balancing the earthy freshness of green maté leaves, which contain far less caffeine than traditional yerba maté, with the brightness of citrus notes, rounded out by warm spices. It brings together aromatic notes of cinnamon, cloves, fennel, green maté, rooibos, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and marigold flowers. Each ingredient is carefully selected to complement the blend's harmonious composition, resulting in a perfectly balanced tea that's refreshing and invigorating.

As part of Tea Forté's exclusive Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, Spiced Herbal Maté's comforting aroma and deep marigold hue delight the senses with a warm, inviting tea perfect for cool evenings (and just as lovely any time of day). Thanks to Tea Forté's signature pyramid infuser and array of tea-steeping accessories, this blend can be enjoyed without the traditional Argentine gourd and straw, and simply steeped in your favorite teapot or teacup.

Spiced Herbal Maté Tea Canister with pyramid tea infuser

Spiced Herbal Maté is available in Loose Tea Canisters, and tea pyramid infusers within the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection.


Maté is best prepared in the same manner as herbal or black tea, steeped for five minutes in water that's been heated to 208˚F degrees. This combination of time and temperature encourages the ideal expression of the earthy maté leaves, roasted spices, and bright citrus, helping their flavors unfurl into invigorating and palate-pleasing harmony.

Woman holding a cup of maté tea in a gourd with bombilla

To prepare maté at home, try Tea Forté's Spiced Herbal Maté blend, or enjoy the entire Frank Lloyd Wright Collection.


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