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Tea Blend Spotlight: African Solstice

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Tea Blend Spotlight: African Solstice
Discovering New Blends

Tea Blend Spotlight: African Solstice

This lush herbal "anytime tea" has South African origins and a naturally sweet flavor profile.

Enjoying a cup of tea can be an act of self-care, taking a moment to be present and enjoy an array of sensory comforts. Most herbal teas (also called "tisanes") offer a calming invitation to contemplate the flavors and fragrances in your cup without caffeine, making it an ideal beverage to consume at any time of day or night.

Tea Forté's African Solstice is a perfect example of an herbal tea's ability to root itself in the moment, drawing you in with its delicate aroma and balancing sweet, earthy rooibos leaves with familiar hints of berry, rose, and vanilla.

African Solstice Loose Tea Canister on a bed of flowers

African Solstice is available in a Loose Tea Canister containing 35-50 servings of loose tea.


The experience of Tea Forté's African Solstice blend begins with a fragrant tendril of flowers and fruit inviting you to take a sip. Elderberry and blueberry each bring a fruit-forward depth to the blend, balancing the natural tartness of rosehip with just a whisper of vanilla lingering above it. At the heart of the blend, naturally mellow rooibos leaves bring about a warm sense of harmony. This scarlet tisane (casually referred to as herbal tea, but crafted without the caffeinated leaves of the camellia sinensis tea plant) is naturally free of caffeine.

African Solstice ingredients


Much less tannic than black, white, or green tea, rooibos is easy on sensitive stomachs, and can be enjoyed on its own or alongside a meal or snack. African Solstice tea pairs very well with rich foods like caramel, meats and cheeses. Rich in vitamin C and devoid of caffeine, this antioxidant-packed blend is a gentle "anytime" tea, known for its ability to bring about a sense of comfort and ease.

For a traditional serving of rooibos tea, consider adding milk and sugar after brewing to accentuate the lushness of the blend, or enjoy it on its own without accompaniment.

African Solstice by the cup

Enjoy caffeine-free African Solstice any time of day or night.

Click here to enjoy African Solstice for yourself, or explore Tea Forté's full array of herbal tisanes.


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