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Tea Blend Spotlight: Mango Citron

Tea Forté is pleased to announce the launch of Mango Citron, a new organic herbal blend curated especially for the limited-edition Paradis Collection—a euphoric quintet of lush, ambrosial tea blends released this spring in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Mango Citron perfectly balances juicy mango and tart citrus with hints of hibiscus and peach, celebrating the sun-kissed flavors and fragrances of a far-flung tropical paradise. 


Mango Citron opens with a slightly sweet rush of mango, followed by a moment of bright, zingy citrus, the familiar flavor of peach, and the subtle tartness of hibiscus, which gives the tea its ruby hue. An herbal tisane, Mango Citron is naturally free of caffeine, making it an ideal escape from the everyday at any time of day or night.

Mango Citron Ingredients

Perfectly pleasurable with or without any added accoutrement, just a hint of sugar, honey, or sweetener brings the mango forward from start to finish, while enjoying the tea on its own allows the citrus and hibiscus to shine through in equal measure. Mango Citron can be also served iced, which dials down the hibiscus and allows the stone fruit and citrus to shine through. A tremendously crisp refreshment, it's perfect for tropical or summer offerings.

This exuberant blend engages all the senses with its paradise-inspired color, aroma, mouthfeel, and flavor. Certified Kosher and USDA Organic, Mango Citron is available in pyramid infusers as part of this year's NYBG collection, as well as on its own in loose-leaf form.

Mango Citron pyramid infuser on a tea tray with flowers behind

The Paradis Collection, the fourth installment in an annual series of collaborations between Tea Forté and the NYBG, including 2021’s Soleil Collection, 2020's Fleur Collection, and 2019's Jardin Collection.

This sultry blend joins four tropical favorites to round out the Paradis Collection. Its counterparts each evoke the sun-drenched pleasure of a well-deserved vacation: Ginger Lemongrass (an herbal tisane) pairs cool spearmint with mellow licorice; Lemon Lavender (also an herbal tisane) balances garden herbs, sweet apple, and bright lemon; Orange Jasmine (a green tea blend) complements fragrant night-blooming jasmine with sunny citrus; and Orchid Vanilla (a black tea blend) delicately brings together tropical coconut, lush flowers, and gentle vanilla.

Every ingredient in the collection is inspired by far-flung places where land and sea meet with an abundance of fruits and flowers, and the collection’s components are packaged in custom botanical artwork composed of pieces from the NYBG’s archives. The collection's blends are available in a variety of special product groupings, as well as for individual purchase. As ever, a portion of each sale supports the NYBG’s horticulture, conservation, education, and research efforts.

To experience the beauty of Mango Citron and the Paradis Collection for yourself, click here.

Mango Citron Loose Tea Canister with KATI Cup

The Mango Citron Loose Tea Canister offers 35-50 servings.


Mango Citron
Mango Citron Loose Tea Canister
Paradis Kati Steeping Cup, closed, with lid and infuser
Paradis Petite Presentation Box of 10 pyramid teas, lid open and closed

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