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Tea Blend Spotlight: Blue Mint Nectar Iced Tea

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Tea Blend Spotlight: Blue Mint Nectar Iced Tea
Discovering New Blends

Tea Blend Spotlight: Blue Mint Nectar Iced Tea

Perfect for summer refreshment, Tea Forté’s Blue Mint Nectar iced tea blend is a lightly sweet mint tisane conveying fruitiness and a smooth, earthy finish. It brings together an enlivening array of botanical ingredients from rosehip, peppermint, and orange peel to apple, licorice, and ginger root. Bright blue in color from butterfly pea flowers, its breezy flavor profile provides a bright burst of exhilaration on a warm day.

Refreshing Blue Tea

Blue Mint Nectar is a visually dramatic iced tea refresher made from the leaves of the butterfly pea flower, which naturally provides its cool blue color. Since it’s not composed of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea plant, it’s actually an herbal tisane, enjoyed for centuries in nations along the Pacific Rim. In Vietnam and Thailand, blue tea is often served after dinner in a drink called nam dok anchan with a touch of honey and lemon for added flavor.

One extraordinary characteristic of blue tea is its ability to change color as its pH rises and falls. When an acidic ingredient like lemon juice is added, it brightens into a violet hue, and if a base like hibiscus is added, it can turn bright red. This phenomenon is due to the butterfly pea flowers' sensitive leaves which are also a popular ingredient in desserts and cocktails across Southeast Asia, due in part to its ability to react like a mood ring and “perform” for an enthralled audience.

Blue Mint Nectar 5pk box
Blue Mint Nectar is available in our Tea Over Ice 5pk boxes.

Rich in antioxidants, blue tea is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, and its lack of caffeine makes it an ideal beverage for those who are sensitive to stimulants.

Since it’s a tisane, Blue Mint Nectar can be prepared exactly as a chamomile, rooibos or other herbal blend would: steeped for five minutes or longer in water heated to 208 degrees (just below boiling). Once steeped, pour over ice or chill in the refrigerator and enjoy at your leisure. Each pyramid infuser, sold in sets of five, makes 24 ounces of refreshing iced tea.

Blue Mint Nectar Ingredients
Some of the herbal ingredients in Blue Mint Nectar include rosehips, orange peel, and butterfly pea flowers, which give the tea its natural blue hue.

Tea Over Ice

For entertaining, consider preparing Blue Mint Nectar using the Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set, which includes two hand-blown, heat-resistant Steep & Chill™ pitchers that stack atop one another for a dramatic tableside presentation. To prepare, place one Blue Mint Nectar pyramid infuser into the small top pitcher and fill with 12 ounces of water heated to just below boiling. Steep for five minutes. Fill the lower pitcher with ice, and once the tea is steeped, pour the steeped tea over the ice in the lower pitcher to flash-chill. Serve in glasses and enjoy!

This summer or any time of year, experience the delicious refreshment of Tea Forté’s curated collection of sommelier-sourced iced teas. Each gourmet blend is artisanally crafted to stimulate and surprise the senses, delivering pure, rich tea over ice. The exquisite sophistication of these balanced beverages makes iced tea a go-to favorite. Choose from seven iced tea blends (or try our Sampler).

To experience the Iced Blue Mint Nectar for yourselfclick here.


Blue Mint Nectar iced tea on table with infuser

Prepare a 24-ounce serving of Iced Blue Mint Nectar using our Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set.


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