Butterfly pea flower: The secret to blue tea
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Butterfly pea flower: The secret to blue tea


Blue tea is a concoction unlike any other. Made from the leaves of the butterfly pea flower, blue tea is actually a tisane, meaning it isn’t composed of the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant required for a drink to be called “tea.” This herbal drink has been enjoyed for centuries across Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other nations along the Pacific Rim, and is now reaching beyond borders to a global audience excited to experience the unique elixir.



Strictly speaking, blue tea isn’t always blue. Its most extraordinary characteristic is its ability to change color as its pH rises and falls. So, if an acidic ingredient like lemon juice is added, it deepens into a violet hue, and if a base like hibiscus is added, it turns bright red. This phenomenon is due to the pH sensitivity of the leaves found on the butterfly pea flower, whose proper botanical name is Clitoria Ternatea. Also referred to as “pigeon wing,” the plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia, where its extract is popular not just in tea, but in desserts and cocktails as well, thanks to its tendency to react like a mood ring and “perform” for spectators.



Rich in antioxidants, blue tea is touted for its ability to tackle free radicals in the body, slowing some signs of the aging process and providing a boost to the immune system. The leaves of the butterfly tea flower are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, and the tisane’s lack of caffeine and calories make it an ideal beverage for those who are sensitive to stimulants and managing their daily caloric intake.


Our Blue Mint Nectar iced tea pyramids, available in 5pk boxes, can be steeped and flash-chilled using our specially-designed Tea Over Ice® Pitcher set. Each iced tea infuser makes 24 ounces of refreshing ice tea in minutes.

  1. Heat the water to 208 degrees Fahrenheit (just below boiling).
  2. Place one pyramid infuser in the small, 12o z Tea Over Ice pitcher and pour 12 oz of hot water over infuser. Fill the larger 24 oz pitcher with ice.
  3. Stack the pitchers & present to table, steep 5 minutes.
  4. Once steeped, flash-chill by pouring the hot tea in the small pitcher into the large pitcher of ice. Serve in glasses and enjoy!

In Vietnam and Thailand, it’s often served as an after-dinner drink called nam dok anchan, with a touch of honey and lemon for added flavor (and color change).


Tea Forté’s Blue Mint Nectar is a refreshing herbal tea blend featuring the brilliant butterfly pea flower, which gives the tisane its vivid blue-violet hue. Beginning with a crisp, lightly sweet mint flavor and citrus aroma, it eases into the mellow coolness of melon and concludes with a smooth, herbaceous finish. Thoughtfully selected peppermint leaves and notes of spearmint, come together for a thirst-quenching sense of calm invigoration, while notes of ginger and rosehip round out the blend’s flavor profile with elegant complexity. 

Blue Mint Nectar iced tea in a glass

Butterfly Pea flowers give Blue Mint Nectar iced tea its vivid blue hue.



Iced Blue Mint Nectar, large tea pile
Open box of Blue Mint Nectar Tea Over Ice 5pk
Tea Over Ice Blue Mint Nectar 20ct
Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set
Two double-walled glasses with brewed tea inside each
Poom double-walled glass with pyramid infuser inside
Amber tea sugar in a one pound bag
Amber tea sugar in a two pound bag

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