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Introducing the Fiore Teaware Collection

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Introducing the Fiore Teaware Collection

Introducing the Fiore Teaware Collection

Inspired by nature to convey beauty and bliss with each sip, the Fiore Collection is the newest offering in Tea Forté's selection of fine teaware. The trio of elegant, durable ceramic cups is designed for steeping single servings of loose tea. Each has its own removable stainless-steel infuser nestled inside a ceramic cup evoking its own naturalistic floral scape.

Diagram of Fiore Steeping Cup parts

Behind the Designs

Brazilian painter Fátima Seehagen was commissioned to create the art on each cup in The Fiore Collection, whose infuser includes a distinct leaf design and whose handle is specifically formed to evoke delicate tulip petals unfolding for the beholder. The collection's colors and composition correspond with three floral motifs that exuberantly abstract nature, unleashing emotions through a vivid natural palette. 

Seehagen, whose work exuberantly abstracts nature, unleashing emotions through a vivid natural palette, said of the collaboration, "Creating art for Tea Forté was inspiring for me. We all have a story to tell, just as all flowers have a unique, irreplaceable beauty and fragrance. I want to represent the truth we find in nature, inviting us to preserve the fullness of our well-being." Click on the video below to watch Fatima demonstrate her expressive watercolor painting technique.

Tea Forté Creative Director Paul Anselmi adds, "Fátima has an ease to her watercolor technique that is unique. The abstract yet accurate botanical artworks enhance the new Fiore cup shape in a perfect combination."

A Trio of Floral Motifs

The Fiore Collection includes three cups with lid, handle, and infuser basket, each with its own floral theme. The deep blue and green hues of the Blue Agave Fiore Cup offer a succulent invitation to refresh and restore, while the Verbena Blossom Fiore Cup‘s lush magenta hues enchant the eye; to round out the series, endless fields of flowers inspired the vivacious ochre hues of the Wild Poppy Fiore Cup.

Fiore Steeping Cup Collection, one of each design

Each 14-ounce cup’s sculpted lid keeps tea warm while steeping; once complete, it can be used as a tray for the infuser basket. All three cups and lids are microwave and dishwasher safe (the removable stainless steel infuser baskets are not microwave-safe).

Update: Even more Fiore Steeping Cups have been added to the collection, including Stone Blue in 2023 and Sakura in 2023. Not only that, but matching 24-ounce Fiore Teapots have been added, perfect for steeping loose tea for two.


  1. Place a single serving of loose tea (1-2 teaspoons) into the infuser basket and nestle it into the cup.
  2. Pour hot water over the leaves, place the lid on top to keep warm, and steep for the blend's recommended period of time.*
  3. Once steeped, remove the infuser basket and place it on the lid as a coaster to catch the drips. Add any accouterments and enjoy!

*For black and herbal teas, a water temperature of 208 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended; for oolong, green and white teas, 175-185˚F degrees is best to avoid burning the delicate leaves. As for timing, steep black and oolong tea for 3-5 minutes; green or white teas for 2-3 minutes, and herbal teas for 5+ minutes.

To experience the joy of tea with the Fiore Teaware Collection, click here.

Video courtesy of Fátima Seehagen


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