Paradis Collection Petite Presentation Box, infusers and glass cup of tea
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Introducing the Paradis Collection

Tea Forté is proud to announce the arrival of its latest collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG): The Paradis Collection, a euphoric quintet of lush, ambrosial tea blends showcasing the sun-kissed flavors and fragrances of a tropical paradise.

Paradis Single Steeps and KATI Cup.

When paired together, the Paradis KATI® Steeping Cup and Single Steeps® Sampler make a great spring or summer gift.


Inspired by far-flung places where land and sea meet, the Paradis Collection's blends were curated by Tea Forté Sommelier and Master Tea Blender, Piotr Miga, who had this to say about their origin story: "Paradis is the French word for paradise,' and for this collaboration with the NYBG, we were inspired by the concept of a tropical paradise; a sun-drenched island escape after an extended period of limited travel.” Those points of inspiration, Miga says, are threaded throughout the collection's engagement of the senses, from the warm visuals in its packaging to the exuberant fragrances and flavor profiles of each blend, meant to invoke feelings of carefree relaxation under the sun.

The Paradis Collection includes five organic tea blends, each packaged in custom botanical artwork drawn from the archives of NYBG’s renowned LuEsther T. Mertz Library. Four are beloved legacy blends featuring tropical elements reminiscent of the Garden’s living collections, while the fifth is a new herbal tisane created specifically for this year’s collaboration. The new blend, Mango Citron, is a perfect pairing of tart citrus and tropical mango with hints of hibiscus, calendula, and the sweetness of peach. Each blend is organic and certified Kosher, and every ingredient in the collection evokes the celebratory feeling of a well-deserved vacation in the tropics.


Orchid Vanilla Tea loose tea leaves, North American Tea Champion winner
Orange Jasmine loose tea leaves
Ginger Lemongrass tea pile
Lemon Lavender loose tea leaves
Mango Citron


NYBG's LuEsther T. Mertz Library front in the eveningFounded in 1891, The New York Botanical Garden is the most comprehensive botanical garden in the world, and Tea Forté is honored to support its work. To echo the spirit of prior collaborations, a portion of sales through retail outlets will support NYBG’s plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education efforts, making Paradis an excellent spring or summer gift for any enthusiast of fine tea and the plant world.


The Paradis Collection packaging features centuries-old illustrations, including the historic work of Belgian botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, whose work has appeared on the packaging for the previous NYBG collaborations, Jardin, Fleur, and Soleil. They’ve been brought together by Tea Forté Creative Director Paul Anselmi against a sunset-colored background, an homage to the warm, inviting hue of tropical fruits and flowers like mango, cantaloupe, and calendula, as well as the vibrant pops of color on this season's fashion runways.

NYBG's Enid A. Haupt Conservatory with tropical plants and pool in foreground

The New York Botanical Garden's landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, supports living collections of more than one million plants.


This annual creative partnership is now in its fourth consecutive year, beginning with the Jardin Collection in 2019, followed by the Fleur Collection in 2020, and the Soleil Collection in 2021. Explore all four tea collection collaborations between Tea Forté + The New York Botanical Garden here.

Selections from the limited edition Paradis Collection include a Gift Set featuring 10 pyramid tea infusers, a limited-edition Café Cup in Mango, and a coordinating ceramic Tea Tray, a Petite Presentation Box featuring 10 infusers; and a KATI® Steeping Cup with lid and stainless steel infuser – each one an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, graduations, and all spring and summer celebrations.

Paradis Collection boxes, infusers and glass cup of tea

Embark on a tropical adventure with the Paradis Collection, our newest collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden.


Paradis Petite Presentation Box of 10 pyramid teas, lid open and closed
Paradis Kati Steeping Cup, closed, with lid and infuser
Paradis Gift Set box with Mini Petite, infuser on a Mango Tea Tray and Mango Café Cup
Mango Citron Loose Tea Canister

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