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Tea Blend Spotlight: Moroccan Mint

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Tea Blend Spotlight: Moroccan Mint
Discovering New Blends

Tea Blend Spotlight: Moroccan Mint

Uplift your senses with this fragrant, award-winning green tea, excellent both hot and iced.


Green tea can provide a subtle boost of energy while imparting a soft, earthy flavor. When paired with a bold burst of mint, it offers an invigorating embrace of all the senses, gently lifting the spirits of those who consume it. Like a cool hand on a warm forehead, it brings about a sense of balance, clarity, and renewal.

Tea Forté's Moroccan Mint tea features hand-rolled, organic gunpowder green tea and cooling spearmint, a traditional combination popularly offered as a welcome drink in Morocco to put guests immediately at ease. 

With a light golden-green color similar to precious peridot gems, Moroccan Mints' fragrant blend is a 2017 Global Tea Championships Award Winner. Organic and Kosher certified, its' balanced flavor profile lingers in a sweet, smooth finish that leaves the tongue feeling gently cooled.

Moroccan Mint loose tea canister

Tea Forté's Moroccan Mint tea is available in a Loose Tea Canister as well as pyramid infusers.


Known as atay bi nahna, Moroccan Mint tea is the national drink of Morocco, as well as a widely-recognized icon of North African and Middle Eastern hospitality. In Tea Forté's carefully curated blend, cooling spearmint is blended with gunpowder green tea leaves, which are rolled to protect their precious oils. To early traders, these rolled leaves resembled buckshot and were nicknamed after their gunpowder-like appearance. 

In Morocco, this tea is traditionally blended with nana mint, a fragrant spearmint varietal grown only in North Africa possessing a distinctive menthol fragrance and flavor. Commonly sweetened with sugar and served in small, clear glasses, this hot beverage has the unique distinction of having both a warming and cooling effect on those who drink it.

Moroccan Mint ingredients


Green tea is known for its bounty of antioxidants and L-theanine, a compound that takes the edge off of its caffeine content, resulting in a slight energy boost without the jarring sensation caffeine can otherwise bring. Mint is often served to calm an ailing digestive system, and when paired with organic green tea leaves, its health-forward properties are as evident as the refreshment it delivers. 

Click here to enjoy Moroccan Mint for yourself, or explore Tea Forté's full array of green teas.


Moroccan Mint iced tea

Moroccan Mint tea makes an excellent iced tea. For loose leaf iced tea, use 3 tsp per 8oz glass.


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