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Tea Blend Spotlight: Wildflower Honey Citrus

Tea Forté is pleased to announce the launch of two new organic tea blends curated especially for the limited-edition Soleil Collection, a sublime quintet of bright, sunny tea blends released this spring in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). The first of these two blends, Wildflower Honey Citrus, balances honey's natural sweetness with refreshing citrus and delicate wildflowers on a foundation of green tea leaves. Showcasing the natural aromatics and sumptuous flavors of spring's bounty, it serves as a celebration of the sun itself.

Glass bowl filled with green tea leaves


Wildflower Honey Citrus brings together a host of thoughtfully-selected ingredients harvested this spring as a direct result of the sun's warmth. Organic green tea leaves are brightened with orange peel and complemented by notes of wildflowers and the sweetness of honey. A subtle boost of L-Theanine, a natural compound found in green tea that delivers a gentle lift in energy, softens the edges of the tea's caffeine content, providing the perfect composition for a cherished morning ritual or mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

The blend's fragrance and flavor evoke the feeling of strolling The New York Botanical Garden's grounds on a sunny spring afternoon, nurturing the senses with a feeling of hope and restoration. Kosher and USDA Organic certified Wildflower Honey Citrus is available in pyramid infusers as part of this year's NYBG collection, as well as on its own in loose-leaf form.


Wildflower Honey Citrus is one of two new tea blends curated specifically to evoke the blooms of The New York Botanical Garden, specially made for the Soleil Collection.

This ethereal blend joins its other new counterpart, the delicate Vanilla Rose white tea blend, alongside three classic favorites to round out the Soleil tea collection. Cherry Blossom is a joyous pairing of tart cherries, flowers, and elegant green tea leaves; Darjeeling Quince is a prized black tea balanced with citrus, quince, and tart flower petals; and Wild Berry Hibiscus is a berry blend brightened by hibiscus and rosehip. Every ingredient in the collection is a celebration of the season's sun-drenched harvest, and the collection’s components are packaged in custom botanical artwork composed of pieces from the NYBG Archives. The collection's blends are available in a variety of special product groupings, as well as for individual purchase.

To experience the beauty of the Wildflower Honey Citrus blend and Soleil Collection for yourself, click here.

Soleil Collection and pyramid infusers



Wildflower Honey Citrus loose tea leaves
Wildflower Honey Citrus tea in a canister of loose tea
Soleil design KATI® Steeping cup with stainless steel infuser showing closeup of cup
Soleil tea assortment in a 10 count petite presentation box with lid open and closed
Soleil Collection Gift Set showing contents
Café Cup in Bone White with lid and infuser peeking out of the top.

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