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Tea Blend Spotlight: Winter Chai

Cold Weather Comfort

As winter's cold sets in and we spend more time in sweaters and blankets, there's nothing quite like a hot cup of tea to warm the soul. Winter Chai by Tea Forte offers the perfect balance of cozy spices thoughtfully brought together in an inviting herbal blend.

Rooibos tea, like this one, is naturally caffeine-free, made from the needle-like leaves of the rooibos plant which are then oxidized to produce a reddish-brown color and to enhance the flavor.

Featuring South African rooibos, Winter Chai is blended with cardamom and cinnamon and touches of vanilla to create a welcome comfort in cold-weather months. Light touches of ginger and lemongrass round out the blend, bringing it into perfect balance.

Winter Chai Ingredients

A Calming Herbal Tea for Winter

The winter solstice brings with it an instinct to stay indoors and keep warm during the season's short days and long nights. The fact that herbal teas like Winter Chai contain no caffeine makes them an inviting nightly ritual, allowing us to conclude the day with a warm cup of comfort as we prepare for a restful night's sleep.

Each sip of this Kosher Certified, cold-weather blend is a calming experience, evoking familiar holiday spices without creating a sense of overwhelm. This gentle herbal tisane is generally considered a tea, but without the caffeinated leaves of the camellia sinensis tea plant, it is caffeine-free by nature, thanks to its rooibos base. That means Winter Chai is an ideal bedtime blend to curl up with in the evening. Pick it up our single blend Loose Tea Canister, or enjoy it as a part of our limited-edition Warming Joy Collection, available only during the winter holiday season. 

A Recipe for Comfort

Looking for a warming winter beverage? While comforting and warming, this Winter Chai Hot Chocolate recipe is quick to make & bursting with vibrant chai spice flavors and an abundance of powerful micronutrients. Healthy fats from almond milk and coconut oil will not only fuel your brain but curb your cravings. We encourage you to play with this recipe to suit your taste buds. Try alternative milks, more or less maple syrup for sweetness, maybe even add a touch of heat with a smidgen of cayenne, or add a teaspoon of maca powder for a powerful superfood punch.

Winter Chai Hot Chocolate

Nothing says Winter like the warming flavors of chai spices and chocolate. Grab a cup, a book and a blanket, and indulge your senses. 


  • • 10 oz unsweetened almond milk
  • • 1 tbsp Tea Forté's Winter Chai loose leaf tea*
  • • 1 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • • pinch of sea salt
  • • optional garnish: cacoa nibs, anise stars and/or cacoa powder


  1. In a small saucepan, mindfully bring almond milk to a boil, being careful not to burn the bottom
  2. Add the loose leaf tea, reduce heat to a simmer, cover and steep for 5 minutes.
  3. Using a small fine mesh strainer, strain out tea leaves and discard.
  4. Add chai-infused milk to a blender with remaining ingredients. Pro Tip: We used maple syrup harvested at a maple farm in northern Vermont.
  5. Blend until completely mixed and frothy.
  6. Pour into your favorite mug and top with your choice of garnish. Enjoy!

Yields: One 10 ounce serving

* If you don't have loose leaf tea, you can use 2 pyramid infusers of Winter Chai, available in our Warming Joy Collection, or 1-2 loose tea pouches, available in our Warming Joy Single Steeps® Sampler.

Recipe by Laney & Lu. Image by @JennBakosPhoto

Enjoy a Soothing Moment

When a tisane is carefully crafted with a select organic ingredients, it can deliver a soothing moment of respite from the chaos of life. Like tea, herbal tisanes have been consumed for centuries as healing tonics to lift the spirit and enhance well-being. Our herbal blends are hand-crafted with artisanal care and a deep knowledge of the therapeutic properties of fresh herbs, flowers and other botanicals, delivering health-forward infusions that soothe the mind, body and soul any time of year. Winter Chai is a welcome addition to your pantry, as a winter gift, and for all cold-weather occasions.

Click here to enjoy Winter Chai for yourself and go on to discover Tea Forte's entire array of thoughtfully-curated tea blends.

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Winter Chai Tea loose tea leaves
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