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The Best Teas for Every Wedding Season

Pistachio Teacakes Getting to Know Tea Forté's Tea Sommelier, Piotr Miga
The Best Teas for Every Wedding Season
Entertaining With Tea

The Best Teas for Every Wedding Season

Both casually and ceremonially, tea has been enjoyed for centuries by groups of people gathering together to observe holidays, catch up after time apart, lend a sympathetic ear, and even herald the changing of the seasons. For the most special occasions, it can elevate the experience into something sublime. Read on for the best teas for every wedding season, no matter the type of wedding or time of year.

Few occasions are as popular around the world for bringing people together as weddings, one of the rare instances in which loved ones from every era of our lives can come together to celebrate something joyous. What better tradition is there than tea to commemorate such a special occasion? From shower gifts to cake-and-tea reception service to care packages for traveling guests, the timeless tea leaf can play any number of roles in a couple's big day.


Traditionally the most popular season for weddings in the Western hemisphere, spring is synonymous with flowers as the natural world emerges from winter and blossoms into a vibrant display of color and form.

Jardin Petite Presentation box and pink cup

Dress up those spring wedding tables with floral teas from our New York Botanical Garden Collections.

Some of the world's most beautiful tea blends are made with flower petals to impart a floral aroma or hint of color, including the annual tea and tisane series Tea Forte releases in partnership with The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). The Paradis CollectionSoleil Collection, Jardin Collection, and Fleur Collection each pay homage to the Garden's flowers and are packaged in vintage botanical artwork from its historic archives.

Likewise, the resplendent Hanami Collection is inspired by the fragrant Japanese cherry blossoms that burst forth every spring, blanketing the ground with their delicate beauty. Whether given as wedding party gifts, tucked into traveling guests' hotel room care packages, or served with cake at a reception, these floral teas are a perfect grace note for a spring wedding.



Summer, of course, is also a fantastic time to say "I do," and iced tea can cool guests off as they dance the night away or gather for a backyard barbecue to celebrate the lucky couple. To delight your guests, choose artisan-crafted blends that stimulate and surprise the senses, like a Iced Blueberry Merlot, Iced Mango Peach, or Iced Ceylon Gold tea served over ice.

Tea Over Ice is perfect for refreshing your guests on a warm summer day.

For a truly inspired twist, consider infusing tea into the mixologist-approved signature cocktail of your choosing (a Tipsy-Tea cocktail perhaps?) at your rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch, offering your nearest and dearest a memorable way to quench their thirst at your summer celebration.



For coziness enthusiasts, an autumn wedding is the ultimate fantasy, with endless opportunities for natural, rustic decor courtesy of the great outdoors itself. A crisp fall day isn't complete without a mug of tea to warm the soul, and a wedding is an even better reason to raise a cup in celebration.

So, consider incorporating an autumnal classic like the crowd-pleasing Pumpkin Spice blend, seasonally available in late summer through autumn, or the mulled-fruit goodness of Harvest Apple Spice into the festivities. Served with dessert or gifted as wedding favors, elegant Tea Forte pyramid infusers lend themselves perfectly to a heightened sense of occasion, a single green paper leaf standing out in a seasonal sea of gold.



Weddings held between December and March can be some of the most intimate and memorable, thanks in part to the abundance of twinkling lights that abound over the holidays and the anticipation that builds toward a warm evening with loved ones even as the air swirls cold outside.

For your winter wedding reception, consider serving a warming Winter Chai blend, or displaying an abundant assortment of classic black, green, white and herbal teas so your guests can select their own blend of choice. For larger gatherings especially, the our Tea Chests are an ideal way to incorporate the timeless elegance of tea into the big event. You can even customize an assortment of 20 or 40 teas and choose all your favorite blends. Makes a great wedding gift too!


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