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Tea Blend Spotlight: Green Mango Peach

Introducing the Mariposa Collection An Introduction to Oolong Tea
Tea Blend Spotlight: Green Mango Peach
Discovering New Blends

Tea Blend Spotlight: Green Mango Peach

Hot or iced, this lush, fruit-forward green tea transports you to the tropics.

Green tea is beloved for its bounty of health benefits, its beautiful visual presentation, and its signature flavor profile. When steeped on its own, it can range from earthy to ethereal, and when blended with sunny island fruits and a subtle touch of cooling mint, it absolutely sings.

Tea Forté's Green Mango Peach blend offers a tropical take on traditional green tea, featuring a luxurious combination of sweet, juicy mango and sun-ripened peach with a gentle undercurrent of ginger and peppermint. Exuberant and fresh, this organic and Kosher-certified blend is thoughtfully sourced and beautifully composed.

A fruit-forward green tea blend

The experience of Green Mango Peach tea begins with its vibrant golden-green hue and sultry aroma, beckoning you to take a sip. Sun-drenched peach and sweet mango partner perfectly with elegant green tea leaves. This combination of verdant green tea and succulent fruit lends texture and complexity to each cup, resulting in a heavenly escape for the senses. Once the final sip is complete, just a hint of ginger and mint lingers, cooling the tongue and leaving behind a feeling of complete refreshment.

Green Mango Peach Ingredients: Mango, Mint and Peach

Sencha green tea  

Green tea leaves, which are referred to as "sencha" once they're steamed, rolled, and expertly oxidized for optimal flavor, hails from the mountainous tea regions of China. Sencha is abundant in antioxidants and rich with an amino acid called L-Theanine, which can round off the edges of green tea's caffeine content. As a result, it delivers a calm sense of energy without over stimulating the body or mind. 

Hot, Iced or in a Cocktail? You decide.

Tea Forté's Green Mango Peach may be enjoyed hot or iced. You might choose to add a touch of sugar or honey after steeping to complement the sweetness of the fruit. Or simply consume it as-is, without accompaniment. For some gorgeous warm-weather enjoyment, try it as an iced tea with Tea Over Ice® Green Mango Peach, specially blended and balanced for flash chilling in the Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set. However you take your tea, be sure to accept its invitation to sit back and enjoy some refined organic refreshment any time you choose.

Green Mango Peach Mojito anyone? This is a great cocktail when entertaining friends and family. It can also be made as a mocktail without alcohol. Learn how to make one today.

Green Mango Peach Mojito with salt on the glass.

A unique take on the well-known mojito starts with Green Mango Peach tea.


Enjoy Green Mango Peach  or Iced Green Mango Peach for yourself, or explore Tea Forté's full array of green tea blends.

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