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How to Make Iced Tea

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How to Make Iced Tea
Tea Preparation

How to Make Iced Tea


Iced tea is a refreshing beverage synonymous with hospitality, summertime relaxation, and warm backyard memories. After the first known iced tea recipe was recorded in 1876, the drink rose to prominence when it was served at the 1904 World’s Fair and word began to spread. Around the world, it’s been one tall, cool glass after another ever since.

One of the most refreshing ways to cool down on a hot day, this invigorating treat is often made with black tea, but can also be prepared from green, white or herbal tea if you’re in the mood for something less expected. Traditionally made in large batches and served from a pitcher with a generous amount of ice, it can be sweetened or unsweetened (simply called “sweet tea” and “unsweet tea” in the American south).


                Fresh Tea Over Ice and our POOM glass



The most popular way to make iced tea is also the simplest. For classic iced tea, just prepare a pot of hot tea the way you normally would, following the temperature and timing guidelines recommended for the variety of tea you’re using.

As a rule of thumb, black tea should be made with water heated to 208 degrees Fahrenheit and brewed for three to five minutes. Herbal tea should also be made with 208-degree water, but steeped for five minutes or more to bring out its full flavor. White and green teas are best prepared with water heated to a slightly cooler 175 degrees, and they should only be steeped for two to three minutes to avoid bitterness.

For a full batch, brew your tea using a 1:1 ratio of tea bags, pyramid infusers, or teaspoonsful of loose leaf tea to cups of water. In other words, if you’d like to make eight cups of iced tea, use eight cups of water and eight teabags (or pyramid infusers, or teaspoonsful of loose leaf). If you like your tea strong, add an extra serving or two of tea as you steep the batch. If you like it sweet, add ¼ cup of sugar per gallon of water and stir until the granules melt.

Once brewed, pour your hot tea into a glass pitcher and refrigerate it for at least four hours. Serve it chilled over ice and add a slice of citrus or sprig of fresh mint to each glass if you desire.



Featuring two stackable, sculpturally designed Steep & Chill™ pitchers, our Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set combines form and function to elevate iced tea to a higher level. The hot tea steeps in the heat-resistant top pitcher for a dramatic presentation as the pyramid infuser releases your tea’s flavor, swirling out from the center and dancing through the water as you wait. Once your tea is perfectly steeped, about 3-5 minutes, pour the hot tea into the lower pitcher filled with ice and enjoy!

We offer a variety of iced tea blends. Our most popular Sampler box includes five delicious iced teas, each in its own pyramid infuser for individual use. The quintet features Ceylon Gold, Blood Orange, Mango Peach, Ginger Pear, and Raspberry Nectar, all blended to perfection for an exceptional iced tea experience. Once you’ve found a favorite blend, stock up on our Tea Over Ice 5pks or Tea Over Ice Event Boxes of 40 pyramids to please a crowd or keep you cool all summer long.

To cap off your experience, pair your Pitcher Set with our beautiful, double-walled POOM glasses to keep your iced tea cold on a warm summer's day. To enjoy a larger serving with a friend, our 16-ounce Double Walled Glass Set of 2 is an excellent choice.

Make loose tea into iced tea with the Tea Jay Iced Tea Maker.




Turn your favorite loose leaf tea into your favorite iced tea with the Tea Jay Iced Tea Maker by Blomus. The purist design offers a visual highlight when presented at the table. Just add ice into the glass carafe, along with delicious fruits, fresh juice, water or sugar syrup. Add loose tea and hot water into the filter reservoir which is integrated into the stainless steel top. Once the tea is done steeping, twist the top and watch as the hot tea releases into the carafe below, mixing with the ice making delicious iced tea in minutes.

                Traditional Sun Tea Glass Containers with Dispensers



Another fun variation on this warm weather favorite is sun tea, named as such since it’s made with the heat of the sun. This summertime drink evokes the feeling of sitting on a back porch, whiling away an afternoon in the shade. Since it won’t get nearly as hot as it would on a stove, it will take longer to steep, but once ready, it can be served over ice immediately without refrigerating.

To make sun tea, use a glass pitcher and add eight tea bags, pyramid infusers, or teaspoons of loose tea for each gallon of water. Cover the pitcher loosely and set it outside or on a windowsill in direct sunlight for two to four hours. If you like it sweet, add simple syrup until you’ve reached the desired effect.

Once the tea has steeped to taste, serve it over ice and garnish it however you’d like. Traditionally, a slice of lemon is expected.


                Cold Brew Pitcher Set



Cold brew tea is the happy medium between classic iced tea made quickly on a stove and sun tea made slowly outdoors. Made over a period of hours in the refrigerator without any heat at all, it’s a simple, modern take on a classic drink.

For this method, combine just over one part tea to one part water in a glass pitcher -- in other words, if you’re making a pitcher of tea with eight cups of water, use ten tea bags, pyramid infusers, or teaspoons of loose tea. Let the pitcher sit for at least four hours in the refrigerator so the batch can reach its full flavor. For sweet cold brew tea, add simple sugar to taste once the tea has fully infused. Serve over ice, garnished as you wish.

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