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Introducing Cold Brew

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Introducing Cold Brew
Discovering New Blends

Introducing Cold Brew

7 minutes

NEW FOR 2023 As summer stretches out before us, hydration is of utmost importance throughout each day. Discover the perfect blend of refreshment and sophistication with Tea Forte’s all-new Cold Brew. Introducing Cold Brew sachets - the perfect way to turn still or sparkling water into pure, flavorful refreshment. Our unique Elderflower Rose, Pomegranate Vanilla, and Watermelon Mint blends are layered with carefully selected fruits, botanicals, and herbs. Discover all three for a refreshing new way to hydrate.

Glasses of Cold Brea tea.

Liven up your daily hydration with Cold Brew tea.

How To Make Cold Brew Tea

It’s easy to enjoy pure, light refreshment anytime, anywhere. Place one Cold Brew sachet in 12 ounces of cold water, still or sparkling water for 7-10 minutes (longer for more flavor). Once complete, remove the sachet and enjoy! Cold Brew is available in three exquisite organic flavors: Elderflower Rose, Pomegranate Vanilla, and Watermelon Mint.

Each flavor sachet can be paired with a cold water of your choice—still or sparkling—and can be served with or without ice. While each sachet is intended to flavor a 12-ounce serving of water, they can be batched for convenience to create a pitcher full of water to be enjoyed throughout the day or shared with others. What's more, the packaging is entirely sustainable, inspired by the vibrant colors of spring and summer and made from plant-based materials.


A trio of floral, fruity, and refreshing flavors

Our tea sommelier, Piotr Miga created three perfect organic flavor combinations for the utmost botanical refreshment. Each cold brew extraction process imparts a fresh, cool, flavorful beverage with no calories, no caffeine, no additives, no hot water, and no waste—just pure organic ingredients. 

Elderflower Rose

Featuring notes of soothing rose petal, classic elderflower, tart hibiscus, and sweet apple, this sophisticated cold brew blend echoes the composition of a famous elderflower liqueur, making it a perfect complement to any spring or summer day.

Thanks to its touch of hibiscus, the sachet imparts a soft pink hue reminiscent of rosé as it adds a hint of flavor to still or sparkling water. Its soft apple opening sets the stage for an unforgettable floral middle and subtle rose finish. Elderflower Rose is USDA Organic and Kosher Certified.

Elderflower Rose Cold Brew box.

A soft, calming, and floral-forward blend.

Pomegranate Vanilla

Featuring notes of tropical pomegranate, sweet vanilla, tart hibiscus, and soothing rosehip, the rounded flavors of this joyous blend is both subtly sweet and ever-so-slightly sour, like a perfectly-ripened pomegranate.

Its sachet turns still or sparkling water slightly pink and then deepens to magenta as it infuses its flavor throughout the cool beverage. The tartness of its fruit is mellowed by its vanilla, providing a perfect balance. Pomegranate Vanilla is USDA Organic and Kosher Certified.

Pomegranate Vanilla Cold Brew box.

A dreamy infusion balancing notes of juicy pomegranate and hibiscus with soothing rosehip and vanilla.

Watermelon Mint

Featuring notes of juicy watermelon, calming cucumber, and cool peppermint, this blend is ideal for mint lovers seeking the pure refreshment of a classic flavor profile as synonymous with summer as swimming pools and sun umbrellas.

Transforming still or sparkling water's clarity into the familiar pink hue of watermelon itself, the sachet's exuberant hint of lemon peel brings its fruit and mint flavors into perfect harmony. And like our other Cold Brew blends, Watermelon Mint is USDA Organic and Kosher Certified.

Watermelon Mint Cold Brew box.

A pairing of two complementary summer flavors—refreshing watermelon and cooling mint—with hints of cucumber and citrus.


Watch How We Brew

TEA TIP: In addition to livening up your everyday water, try enhancing your summer cocktails or mocktails by topping off your drinks with cold brew-infused sparkling water, elevating the moment with a splash of pure botanical refreshment.


Exploring New Frontiers

Tea Forté is known for delivering unique and extraordinary experiences, from beloved black, green, white, and oolong teas to gentle herbal tisanes. While this new offering ventures outside the familiar realm of tea, it's a natural extension for a brand steeped in botanical enjoyment, bridging age-old tradition with modern innovation, and meeting you precisely where you want to be.

Enjoy pure, light refreshment with new Tea Forté Cold Brew organic infusions in Elderflower Rose, Pomegranate Vanilla, and Watermelon Mint.


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