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Introducing the Jubilee Collection

Earl Grey Classic French 75 Behind the Scenes: Collaborating with The New York Botanical Garden
Introducing the Jubilee Collection
Discovering New Blends

Introducing the Jubilee Collection

7 minutes

Tea Forté is proud to announce the arrival of its latest collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden: The Jubilee Collection, a celebratory ensemble of organic tea blends evoking the lush flavors and fragrances of The Garden itself.

Jubilee Tea Chest

The new Jubilee Collection includes a Tea Chest of 40 teas.


Inspired by the partnership's five-year anniversary, the Jubilee Collection’s blends were curated by Tea Forté Sommelier and Master Tea Blender, Piotr Miga, who explains, "The flavors take you on a journey through The Garden.” Beloved floral blends from each of the four previous NYBG collections have been incorporated into this 5-year anniversary edition, gathering them together in a spectacular commemorative bouquet.

The Jubilee Collection's Presentation Box and Petite Box includes 10 tea blends, each packaged in custom botanical artwork composed of pieces from the NYBG’s archives. The Jubilee Tea Chest include 20 blends, for our largest NYBG assortment of 40 teas in all. All are beloved legacy blends drawn from the past four collaborations, and each features a floral element reminiscent of The Garden’s living collections. Each blend is certified Kosher and Organic, with thoughtfully-selected ingredients evoking the jubilant feeling of an anniversary celebration for the ages.



In homage to The New York Botanical Garden's historic Mertz Library, the Jubilee Collection’s packaging features the historic work of Belgian botanical artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté, whose work has appeared on the packaging of all previous NYBG collaborations: Jardin, Fleur, Soleil, and Paradis. Brought together against a pearlescent white background by Tea Forté's Creative Director Paul Anselmi, who says of the new design: "As a standout anniversary piece, we broke our packaging template to give more space for the beautiful botanical illustrations."

Founded in 1891, The New York Botanical Garden is the most comprehensive botanical garden in the world, and Tea Forté is honored to support its work. Carrying forward the legacy of these collaborations, a portion of sales through retail outlets will again support NYBG’s research, conservation, horticulture, and education efforts, making Jubilee an excellent spring or summer gift for enthusiasts of fine teas and botanical preservation alike.


The New York Botanical Garden Enid A. Haupt Conservatory from above in spring.

The New York Botanical Garden's landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, supports living collections of more than one million plants.


This annual creative partnership is now in its fifth consecutive year, beginning with the Jardin Collection in 2019, followed by the Fleur Collection in 2020, the Soleil Collection in 2021, and the Paradis Collection in 2022. Once again this year, a portion of each collection’s sales will support the NYBG’s horticulture, conservation, education, and research efforts.

Selections from the limited-edition Jubilee Collection include a Presentation Box (20 infusers, two of each blend), Petite Presentation Box, (10 infusers, one of each blend), KATI® Steeping Cup with lid and stainless steel infuser, and a luxurious new Jubilee Tea Chest of 40 infusers with 20 different blends, our largest offering of the previous four years' collections.

To experience the joys of Jubilee for yourself, explore the collection here.

The Jubilee Collection

Celebrate our five year NYBG anniversary with Jubilee, our newest collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden.



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