Tea Forté Select Box with tulips and tea
Tea Gifting Ideas

Our Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Chosen by Real Tea Forté Moms


While it should go without saying that mothers ought to be appreciated and treated like royalty every day of the year, the least we can do is give them what they ask for on Mother’s Day. We asked five moms at Tea Forté what they’d like to receive this year, and without hesitation, each one was ready with their favorite gift. Read on to see our top Mother’s Day gift ideas, chosen by discerning Tea Forté moms who know precisely what they want.


Tea Forté Select Box with tulips and tea

Customize the perfect gift with Tea Forté SELECT. Choose four unique blends, or fill a box with all of one favorite.

“This is the perfect way to stock up on the blends I know best and love most, like African Solstice, Green Mango Peach, Moroccan Mint, and Winter Chai. I can curate the box exactly to my liking and look forward to each cup.” — Niki B., Senior Marketing Manager


Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set

Make a splash with our dramatic Tea Over Ice® presentation of two Steep & Chill stacking glass pitchers. Add an iced tea 5pk, or choose from our 20ct Gift Bundles.

With summer on the way, this set elevates the experience of drinking iced tea on a warm afternoon. Its elegant presentation adds a sense of ritual to the act of preparation, makes ‘me’ time feel a bit more special, and makes an impression on guests, too. — Julia K., VP of Global Marketing


Jardin Gift Set

With each purchase of our limited edition Jardin Gift Set, created in partnership with The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), a percentage of the sales will support NYBG’s work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education.

This limited edition gift set comes in a custom-designed botanical package incorporating the work of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, an official artist in the courts of Marie Bonaparte and Josephine Bonaparte. It comes with a classic pink Cafe Cup and tray, plus all five Jardin blends, and everything about it is just lovely. — Kristy B., Production Designer


Tea Tasting Assortment Tea Chest with lid open

The Tea Chest of 40 teas is the perfect way to introduce yourself and your tea-loving guests to the variety of Tea Forté.

This classic Tea Chest includes 40 blends of black, oolong, green, white, and herbal teas, with two infusers of each blend. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy an indulgent afternoon tea whenever I need it most. — Krystal E., Sales Forecast Analyst


Jardin Collection Petite box with infusers and mini chocolates

The Jardin Petite Presentation Box includes 10 organic teas, curated in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden.

The whole team is enchanted by the Jardin collection, from the care that went into our collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden to the custom blend we created especially for the series. The flavors and the packaging are just gorgeous, and the proceeds benefit a wonderful cause. — Kate P., Supply Chain Specialist

"Inspired to give Mom the gift of tea? Look no further than Tea Forté to clink cups with her this Mother’s Day."
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Tea Forté Select Box of 20 pyramid tea infusers
Tea Forté Select Chest of 40 pyramid tea infusers, open and closed
Jubilee Tea Chest of 40 pyramid tea infusers, open and closed boxes
Tea Tasting Assortment Tea Chest of 40 pyramid infusers
Herbal tea assortment in a 40 count tea chest of infusers with lid open
Mariposa Gift Set of 10 pyramid tea influsers, one Tea Tray and one Rose Pink Café Cup
Jardin Collection Gift Set showing contents
Paradis Gift Set box with Mini Petite, infuser on a Mango Tea Tray and Mango Café Cup
Soleil Collection Gift Set showing contents
Fleur Collection Gift Set showing contents
Wellbeing Gift Set of 1 Mini Petite of 10 wellness pyramid infusers, one Café Cup and one Tea Tray in light blue, with a gift box.
Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set Sampler 10pk bundle
Jardin tea assortment in a 10 count petite presentation box with lid open and closed
Lotus Presentation Box, open and closed
Jubilee Kati Steeping Cup, closed, with lid and infuser

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